Factors To Consider When Looking To Purchase The Perfect Bra

We’re all familiar with how great it feels to unclasp and take off your bra at the end of the day, but we’re also aware of how necessary they can be for many. They’re not only important because they shape your body, but a good bra is actually great for your physical health. However, a really good bra is often hard to come by; women’s breasts come in all shapes and sizes and it’s important to start there. 

Why a good bra matters 

You might think that you can wear any bra; on the contrary, a good bra will help your posture and prevent any back pain. Lingerie designers at Bra-Di-Da recommend finding the perfect fit to avoid any discomfort, and that you read up reviews before making your final choice. A good bra means going through an entire selection of different bras just to find the right one. A wrong fit might cause you great discomfort, skin rashes, and a general feeling of irritation because it’s either too small or too large. 

So before your next shopping spree, consider these factors to help you find the perfect bra. 

Understand different types 

It’s absolutely necessary to understand the types of bras out there because it will help you determine what exactly you need. You have the T-shirt bra, which is considered excellent for daily use; they’re comfortable to wear and can work under any type of clothing including a T-shirt. The push-up bra gives your breasts that much-needed lift to help your cleavage make an appearance. Bras can also come as padded to help cover your nipples, and most bras come with an underwire, while others don’t. There are some specialty bras out there to help with a certain purpose like a sports bra which will help give you the support you need when working out. A maternity bra is also ideal for breastfeeding or comes with adjustable straps to help the changes that are happening to your breasts.

Match with your body type 

The thing about finding a good fitting bra doesn’t mean that you just figure out your bra size and buy that size only. You need to be able to measure your band and cup size to make sure it suits the bra size, and that size suits your body shape. Understanding the measurements of your bust and underbust is ideal than just knowing your size; most bra companies label their bras differently, which is why you often find that you’re wearing different sized labels, even though it’s the same one. 

Make sure it’s a good fit 

It’s always best not to choose a bra that is ‘good enough’ but choose one that is just right. In order to determine if it’s the right fit, you need to know that most of the support will come from the band, and not the straps. A good band will do all the heavy lifting, which will take a load off your back and shoulders. If you can place two fingers and tug a little under the band, then it’s a great fit. Also, it should feel adjustable and stretched, but not too tight. The band needs to be well-adjusted in the middle of your back, not higher, and perfectly placed underneath your armpits.

It’s never a great idea to wear a bra where your skin protrudes from the sides. It’s also better if the bra straps don’t dig deeper into your shoulders and cause dents. If it does, then the bands are giving you the support you need. On the other hand, the gore, which is the place where the two cups meet, should be flat and not dig deeper into your breasts. Your cleavage or breasts shouldn’t be popping out too much out of the bra; that just means that the cup is too small. Also, the cups shouldn’t dig into your breasts either, but should feel like a snug fit.  

One thing’s for sure, a good bra will go a long way. You’ll feel more comfortable, relaxed, and you won’t suffer from any uneasiness. Finding a good bra only needs a bit of effort in terms of research, fittings, and trying more than one type. Because when you find a good match, you’ll feel much more confident.

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