Fashion Trends To Look Forward To In 2020

A few of the big fashion trends we can expect to see in spring 2020 are full of color, vintage-inspired details, eco-friendly “green fashion”, and lots of shorts. Whether you’re trying to mix business with pleasure, be more aware of your ecological footprint when searching for new accessories, looking to add a pop of color to your closet, or go all out and try one of the latest Danielle Guizio satin corsets, 2020 trends will not fall short (well, not in the sense of the phrase at least). 

Let’s Get Juicy

Spring is always the best time to incorporate some color back into your closet, and this upcoming year it’s time to add some real zest. While florals will forever be present in spring fashion, and the popular trends of mint and pistachio will follow into the new year, the eye-catching hue you’ll find everywhere is going to be orange. Whether you want to rock an eye catching traffic cone hue or go for a more subtle creamsicle head-to-toe matching set, it’s time to embrace the color orange and make a statement. Time to prove that orange is still the new black. 

Vintage Silhouettes With Edge

Think lots of structure, flowing fabrics, and puffed sleeves. Victorian details took the runways by storm for 2020, mixing gorgeous structured corsets alongside long flowing skirts and large sleeves. Lacy collars next to corsets made of leather and stiff corseting marries the old with the new, and gives such an edgy, sexy twist. Take these and add peek-a-boo bodysuits and tops showing peeks of skin and gorgeous corset boning through flowing sheer fabrics is going to be the hottest trend into the new year. Want to make 2020 the year of confidence and really “feeling yourself”? Vintage is always a great route, and the addition of leather and showing some skin makes this such a fierce trend to try. 

Eco-friendly Jewels 

When you think sustainable fashion, you might automatically go to upcycled thrifted finds or locally sourced materials. The one thing that is really going to take off in 2020 though, is the move towards diamond alternatives. More and more people are moving towards things that are unique, hence the rise in people seeking our vintage engagement rings for their special someone. This has also led to the rise in diamond alternative use. Many of these older rings have sapphire, emerald, or ruby as their main stone, playing homage to the time period as well as the current drive towards uniqueness and individuality. Head to your local antique or vintage store to find some gorgeous and one-of-a-kind pieces for yourself, or someone else. You’ll be sure to get a lot of questions about where you found such a gorgeous piece and get to take pride in knowing it’s something special just for you.

Go Shorty

Springtime means that it’s time to break out the shorts show off those legs. This upcoming spring shorts are all about business and pleasure. Think bermuda length suits, matching short sets, and we’re bringing back hot pants in a chic way. Whether you want to take shorts to the office and rock a classic herringbone or plaid with chic patent leather brogues or want to wear shorts on a night out with new strappy heels you just bought for the season, you’ll have plenty of options to show off those gams in a fun, flirty way. Whether you want to try a new suite style, length, pattern, or color you’ll be sure to turn heads (and be able to show off your shoes) with the short trends this spring.  

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