Fashionable Holiday Gift Ideas For The Family

December is a special month in a majority of places around the world, given the numerous holiday festivities and celebrations being had. For individuals and businesses alike, this is the time to show a special someone that you love and appreciate them. It is also a time to make merry with friends and family as they celebrate their lives, achievements, and successes, perhaps even the myriad of challenges they’ve managed to overcome the whole year through. This is the time of year children look forward to gifts underneath the Christmas tree. But it shouldn’t just be the young ones looking forward to gifts.

You can celebrate the loved one in your life by giving them something stylish and fashionable. It could be simple or sophisticated; expensive or affordable. Here are some fashionable items you can give your family and friends this Christmas.

Trendy jewelry

When picking a jewelry item for your loved one’s Christmas gift, it’s important to note what kind of jewelry the recipient likes most, as well as their personal preferences. If they are into bracelets, for instance, you could purchase an essential oil diffuser bracelet, which doubles as a dispenser for your favorite essential oil while on the go.

A charging cord bracelet can also be a perfect gift for the tech lover in your life. You can never go wrong with personalized jewelry items that are engraved with someone’s name, which makes for a thoughtful and sentimental gift. If you are looking to buy Christmas gifts for mom and dad, personalized matching bracelets would be perfect for both.


Clothing is definitely the most common-go-to Christmas gift items you can pick. The challenge is in choosing the right clothing item to suit the person’s individual style tastes. If your gift recipient is male, ask the guys from Canoe Club, and they’ll tell you that aside from watches and food, nothing moves a man’s heart than receiving an awesome designer outfit. Whether it’s a shirt or sweater, a jacket, a pair of pants, a tie, or a hat, your male friend or family member will always have a story to tell when they wear your fashionable gift item. If the recipient is a lady, and since Christmas is often a snowy season, you can choose something to keep them warm such as the following items:

  • Parkas  
  • Knitted jackets  
  • Trenches 
  • Hoodies
  • Turtleneck shirts 


The festivities often come with parties and lots of gatherings. Everyone wants to look their best, which is why most people shop for holiday party outfits. Some looks are not complete without a complementing set of well-chosen accessories. When it comes to getting accessories as a Christmas gift, you’ll want to carefully watch the colors and materials or fabric you choose. Neutrals are more advisable since they are easier to pair with just about any other shade to complete the look.

You can even have it customized with patterns, shapes, colors, or words that are positively personal to the recipient. It doesn’t even have to be that sophisticated or expensive. Apart from jewelry, other popular accessories you can get for your loved one as a Christmas gift may include: 

  • Tote bags 
  • Umbrellas 
  • Scarfs  
  • Gloves 
  • Beanies 

Kitchen items

The holiday season involves a lot of cooking, wining, and dining. This makes the kitchen utensils/equipment a great and practical gift idea. A set of etched wine glasses or festive-themed table centre pieces can dress up any holiday dinner party. Other thoughtful examples when it comes to kitchen gift ideas may include linear Christmas lighting, statement appliances and Christmas-themed place settings.

 A statement camera

Nothing preserves unique memories better than photos and videos which is why cameras are often very popular gifts to give, if your budget allows. With the festive season comes plenty of opportunity to capture memories with friends and family. A quality, high-resolution film camera such as the Nikon SLR makes a perfect Christmas gift.

The list of gifts you can give your loved one for the holiday season doesn’t have to be overwhelming or stressful. These suggestions will hopefully make the process easy and inspirational.

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