FBI Rescues 168 Child Sex Trafficking Victims Across The US


This is HUGE!

FBI this week announced a huge crackdown on sex trafficking in the United States, because yep it happens right at our doorstep. Operation Cross Country was the largest ever national crackdown of its type in the US, and saw the arrest of over 281 alleged pimps, the rescue of 168 child prostitutes (some girls as young as 13) in over 100 US cities including Los Angeles, Tampa and Denver.

“These are our kids,” said FBI director James Comey. “Our street corners, our truck stops, our motels, our casinos. These are America’s children. Our children are not for sale.”

“There is no more meaningful work that the FBI participates in than rescuing children,” he continued.

Amen and Amen!

The FBI teamed up with 230 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies for the raids which will no doubt send a message to other pimps out there that this crime will not be tolerated.

The child prostitute victims, many of whom were lured away from their troubled home situations with the promise of a better life, will be sent to a juvenile hall to get help acclimatizing back into the world as a free person and show them options available to them.

This operation is far from over, and police across the US know there are many more arrests to be made. Police in Oakland, a hot spot for prostitution, eventually stopped their operation simply because they ran out of manpower.

They say the problem is growing, and that there are more prostitutes and pimps on the street than law enforcement.

The A21 Campaign which is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending sex trafficking worldwide state that every 30 seconds a person becomes the victim of human trafficking. They also say 99% of victims are not rescued, which is sad to think how many women and children are still out there waiting for help.

Around the world today it is estimated that 27 million men, women, and children are being exploited for manual and sexual labor against their will. Yes, it happens to men also, but the majority of victims are female, and are underage.

Since its creation in 2003, the Bureau’s Innocence Lost program has resulted in the identification and recovery of about 3,600 children who have been sexually exploited, according to the FBI.

The operation, only the 8th of its kind in the US, also led to 1,450 convictions, 14 life prison terms and the seizure of more than $3.1 million in assets.

Well done to the FBI and all the authorities across America who are putting value and worth back into the hands of these innocent children. It is sickening to think there are humans out there who have no concept of equality or life value when it comes to a young woman.

You can watch the full FBI video statement below, as well as a video they released at the same time about a girl called Nicole, a 17 year old who was rescued from a life of forced prostitution.


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