Female Cast Members Of ‘Hamilton’ Perform Feminist Quotes In A Badass, Contemporary Way


Everyone has been talking about the viral video of President Obama helping ‘Hamilton’ musical creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda perform a freestyle rap in the Rose Garden of the White House during a visit where cast members performed for and met with high school students to promote history and the arts. It was the type of event which has come to signify the importance of Barack Obama as the nation’s first African American President.

In case you hadn’t already heard about this ground-breaking sold-out Broadway show that is igniting a whole new generation of musical fans, this is THE show you want to see. As the title suggest, the show is based on the life of Alexander Hamilton, a founding father of the United States and the first Secretary of Treasury during first President George Washington’s administration.

The show boasts a diverse cast, assembled by the show’s creator Lin-Manuel who was inspired to write this musical after reading a book about the founding father. But of course, this is no ordinary musical, it is a hip-hop version of history that is inspiring a nation in a fresh way. Lin-Manuel wanted to capture the brilliant, relentless and stubbornness of a man who lived with plenty of controversy. Born in the West Indies to a mother who was not married, Alexander was at the center of the nation’s first ever sex scandal where his extra-marital affair became public while he was in office.

Alexander was eventually killed in a duel with the Vice President over a dispute. To Lin-Manuel, this guy encapsulated the typical immigrant struggle and parts of his story resonated with much of the hip-hop narrative found in the lives of artists such as Tupak Shakur.


It was during a visit to the White House in 2009 while he was performing in another Broadway music that Lin-Manuel decided he was going to write the hip-hop story of Alexander Hamilton’s life. The show has won a Grammy award, and what started as an off-Broadway show originally, quickly became one of the most in-demand shows in arguably the world’s biggest theatrical industry.

Lin-Manuel, who is of Puerto Rican descent, purposely wrote the roles for people of color and is being credited with revolutionizing Broadway in a way that is even drawing in teenagers!

Aside from the cultural barriers being bridged in this phenomenal piece of creative work, the show is promoting the talents of versatile artists we are not used to seeing in traditional theater. In honor or March being Women’s History Month, and given the show is all about bring history into the present in a contemporary badass way, we had to share the following video with you all.




Three female cast members, Jasmine Cephas (who plays Maria Reynolds), Phillipa Soo (Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton), and Renee Elise Goldsberry (Angelica Schuyler) were asked to perform a number of famous feminist quotes either as poetry, dialog or rap for Glamour Magazine.

This is a hip hop music and theater-geek’s dream come true! As Bustle points out, there’s a good chance many of us may never get to see these goddesses of stage in action given the demand for tickets is so high right now it’s like finding a unicorn, this is a pretty darn good substitute.

With famous quotes from the likes of Audre Lord, Maya Angelou, Virgina Woolf and Susan B. Anthony, we will let you all enjoy a modern take on historical quotes, brought to life and immortalized by the women of ‘Hamilton’.



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