Female Genital Mutilation Campaigns In The UK Achieve Two Major Breakthroughs


Recognize this group of girls, or at least the one in the middle behind the stack of boxes? That’s 17 year old UK student Fahma Mohamed who is the face of the Guardian’s ‘Anti Female Genital Mutilation’ campaign. This campaign was started as a way to reform the education system. According to government figures, there are 66,000 UK victims of FGM each year, and more than 24,000 of those are under the age of 15. Hell, at ANY age that is wrong!

The scariest part is that those figures are only the reported numbers from medical groups, trade unions and human rights organizations. Just imagine all the cases which don’t get reported. The Guardian created the campaign to get the attention of politician Michael Gove, who is the head of the Department of Education in the UK. They want him to implement legislation that would allow teachers to talk about FGM to students and families especially before the summer holiday season which is apparently a prime time for FGM to happen, due to the length of time needed to recover.

The petition they created on Change.org received over 250,000 signatures, and they also created a music video (below) in a bid to bombard Gove with this issue. Well, it worked, because he agreed to write to all schools across the UK to bring this atrocious practice front and center in the education system. Bravo!

This is a major breakthrough for what will hopefully be the difference between life and death for many young girls in the UK who come from countries where FGM is still practiced. And it isn’t the only one…

The UK justice system has made it’s very first prosecutions based on female genital mutilation. The BBC reports that Dr Dhanoun Dharmasena, 31, of Ilford, Essex, will be prosecuted for an alleged FGM offence while working at the Whittington Hospital in London.

Hasan Mohamed, 40, of Holloway, north London, faces a charge of intentionally encouraging female genital mutilation, and Dr Dharmasena and Mr Mohamed will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on 15 April.

While this is great news, it is shocking to know that Laws against FGM were introduced in the UK nearly 30 years ago, more than 140 referrals have been made to the police in the past four years alone, and this is the FIRST prosecution to be made. It is about time!Perpetrators of FGM should absolutely be made an example of in society, otherwise this will continue to happen generation after generation.

So inspiring to see the passion of this 17 year old teen as the driving force behind this anti-FGM Guardian campaign which is already making great strides. Check out Fahma Mohamed and a group of other UK teens in the music video which caught the attention of the UK government:


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