Female MC Sends A Timely Message About Hip Hop Culture & Party Drugs


If you are a parent or guardian of a teen girl on the cusp of her 20s, then you are no doubt worried about her future. One of the dangerous trends you have probably seen in the music she listens to and the celebrities she idolizes is the glamorization of party drugs. People like Madonna, Miley Cyrus and Lil Wayne have sung/rapped about Molly/MDMA/ecstasy and all the other names it it known by.

It’s scary to think that such powerful cultural leaders don’t understand that a simple mention of drugs in their lyrics in any form other than to dissuade its use, is very sad. We certainly need more women and men taking a stand in the media, and showing young impressionable minds that living a life where drugs are the only substance to make you feel good in a recreational setting, is not cool.

You don’t have to wait until you are Rihanna-level famous to send a good message, is all about grass roots, authentic movements which inspire people to live better lives. Which is why we love 21 year old Shay Briggs, and hope one day she is a huge superstar because of her talent and subversive lyrics in the hip hop culture. You know, the culture where women are known more for their booty-shaking and sexual prowess than intelligence, thought-provoking songs and strong characters.

Shay is a Pittsburgh native, whose parents wouldn’t allow her to listen to rap and hip hop growing up precisely because of the bad stereotypes it projected. This forced her to create her own music and subject matter based on the issues she cared about. She was inspired by her faith in God, and wanted her music to make a difference in the lives of others.

“Don’t get me wrong. I love a good party song to dance and work out to however, hip hop is much more then party songs. It wasn’t designed to be an advertisement for money, chains, cars, and girls. It was created as an outlet for emotion and a tool used to empower the oppressed,” she says on her Facebook page.


She is part of a revolution of women who are advocates of a higher standard in pop culture, leading the next generation in the right way. “It’s time that we bring more of that meaning back to hip hop, particularly through Female MC’s.”

Shay has seen first-hand how drugs can destroy lives, having witnessed her 28 year old cousin die from complications due to heavy drug use. This, coupled with what she was seeing in hip hop, glamorizing drug use didn’t sit right with her.

“It seemed that every song was promoting the newest drug “Molly” and to me this was a sign that hip hop was yet again going in the wrong direction. To me music is a way to inspire and uplift people, especially younger people who rely on music to get them through their daily lives,” she told us.

The self-confessed “natural hair advocate” was inspired to write a song called ‘Heavily Medicated’ which is a response to the Molly trend showing the negative consequences that come from doing it.

Her message and advice to young fans is clear:

“Drugs are like magicians. They put on a great show, but when the buzz is gone and the smoke clears you realize that there was no real magic, just cheap tricks to help you escape reality. When you take drugs to escape you’re not only lying to yourself, but also physically and emotionally hurting yourself. Having the power to refuse a false reality is the most important thing to living a healthy life. It is my hope that future generations to come will learn that drugs are not the answer just because your favorite artist promotes it.”

We’re glad this strong, talented young artist is willing to take up the charge and empower other young women. Life is not about how many trends you can fit into and how likeable you are. It is about making a difference, doing something with meaning, and empowering the lives of others with whatever resources you have.

Check out Shay’s video and have a think about the music you listen to. What kind of messages are you subconsciously feeding your brain? We hope you will gravitate toward women who are positive leaders of this generation.


  1. Well, finally someone who “gets” it. We need more people like her and her parents! Way to go Shay! Keep up the good work!

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