‘Feminist Baby’ Finds Her Voice In Author Loryn Brantz’s Follow-Up To Her Viral Children’s Book

Whether she is smashing the patriarchy or punching nazi’s, author Loryn Brantz‘s badass little character she created in her now-viral book ‘Feminist Baby’ is nothing short of a one-woman revolution. Because of the huge reception her first book got, Loryn has released a follow-up titled ‘Feminist Baby Finds Her Voice’. In the era of record-breaking Women’s Marches, a record number of women running for office across the United States, the #MeToo movement exposing a pervasive culture of assault and harassment in many industries, and the #TimesUp organization putting gender inequality on notice, it’s only a natural progression to see literature’s youngest revolutionary also step up to the microphone.

Loryn’s new, short book for kids and parents takes principles of ​the ​equal rights movement, inspired ​by marches happening across the country​,​ and introduces them ​to ​toddlers — ​in a comical, kid-friendly voice. Following an adorable diaper-clad protagonist, ​the ​Feminist Baby is learning to talk​, ​free to express herself and advocate for the issues that affect her ​tiny world: wearing pants if she wants, liking blue and pink; and equal rights to toys.

Some may say it’s better to keep young children out of politics, but in the world we live in, especially given the saturation of digital media in kids’ lives, it is hard to ignore the importance of activism and social justice. With so many American teens organizing marches across the country, inspiring many of us adults, it’s clear the leaders of tomorrow are not waiting for permission to raise their voice.

‘Feminist Baby’ and ‘Feminist Baby Finds Her Voice’ are the kinds of books we wish we had growing up, but we’re glad they exist so we can teach them to our children. We spoke with Loryn about her new release in honor of today, May 2nd, being annual Baby Day.

First of all, we are so excited “Feminist Baby” is back! Can you tell us the inspiration behind her “finding her voice”?

Yes! Thank you, I’m so excited as well! The inspiration for this book was really asking what comes next for Feminist Baby, both developmentally as a baby and as a (baby) feminist. It is a hope of mine to be able to write about Feminist Baby all the way through to her adulthood. So at this point, she’s reaching a new milestone in learning to talk, and in doing so, more poignantly, starting to “find her voice” as a feminist. It was also really important to me to make sure this book was as inclusive and diverse as possible – so get ready to meet some new baby stars!

We’ve seen a number of really rad children’s books including more feminist topics and social justice themes. How you do you feel ‘Feminist Baby Finds Her Voice’ will be part of this greater conversation?

I’m really proud to say ‘Feminist Baby’ was the first of her kind in the board book space – a baby book specifically about feminism. Since its release, it has been really exciting to see the flood gates open with publishers being interested and willing to print these kinds of books. Feminist Baby is also unique in that it’s not an historical non-fiction book which is what most of these newer books are.

She’s a fresh character ready to show and go through what other real babies are going through. I think in “Finds Her Voice” you’ll really get a sense of how she and her friends would react in the present political climate.

Can you tell us about some of the encounters she has in this new book, and some of the social movements that young readers will learn about?

A lot happens for Feminist Baby in this book! I prefer my books not to hit the reader over the head with messages, so some things are more subtle and woven through. But most notably, Feminist Baby introduces her best friends and they show how they lift each other up, both while playing and in spirit. They also attend a protest by the end of the book, where they use their voices for a multitude of causes.

Were there any other notable children’s books that particularly inspired you to create the character of Feminist Baby in the first place?

Actually it was quite the opposite, it was the lack of any feminist baby books that made me think of it!

What kind of values do you hope ‘Feminist Baby Finds Her Voice’ can instill in young readers?

I want Feminist Baby Finds Her Voice to show young readers they can be unapologetically who they are and be of value and also value each other. I also hope it inspires them to protest injustices as well!

What do you want parents or caregivers to know when reading your book to youth?

That, while feminist baby is a feminist, she is also simply a baby 🙂

What are the issues you hope the next generation will not have to fight for anymore?

So many things: not to have to fight corruption in the government, ability to have autonomy over one’s body, equal pay, mass incarceration, for black lives, for trans lives, for equal treatment and respect for all.

We know why Feminist Baby is powerful, but we like to ask our interviewees – what makes you a powerful woman?

Anyone that exists and functions as a woman, is powerful in her own way – cause this shit ain’t easy.


Feminist Baby is learning to talk
She says what she thinks and it totally rocks!
Feminist Babies stand up tall
“Equal rights and toys for all!”

‘Feminist Baby Finds Her Voice’ will be available for purchase from May 15, 2018.

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