FEMINIST FRIDAY: 3 Music Female Empowerment Videos To Make You Feel Powerful & Unstoppable

Welcome to another Feminist Friday column! That time of the week where we get to share our fave videos of the moment with our readers, videos that showcase a definition of feminism that is inclusive and intersectional. This week we feel like getting down to some good tunes so we’ve got 3 music videos that are packed full of female empowerment and #girlpower goodness!

First up is multi-platinum Indian singer-songwriter Ananya Birla’s ‘Unstoppable’ music video which is an ode to the barrier-breaking, wall-smashing, trailblazing women who don’t quit when the going gets tough. As reported by Celebmix.com, the women showcased alongside Ananya in the video are Olympian Mary Kom, sporting icons Aparna Popat and Sania Mirza, film stars Juhi Chawla and Pooja Hegde, model Gabriella Demetriades, singers Kanika Kapoor and Sukriti Kakar, TV presenter Anusha Dandekar, influencer Malini Agarwal, designer Falgiuni Peacock and choreographer Karishma Chavan, who also directed the video. But the first woman we see with Ananya is her own mom Neerja Birla, which adds a nice personal touch to the singer’s message.

Speaking about the concept for the video, she said, “I was inspired by my mother to write Unstoppable back in 2015. I’m so happy to now share it alongside some of the most amazing women I know. They are all proof that women can overcome outdated stereotypes to achieve anything! Your gender doesn’t define you, each and every one of us possesses the strength to be truly unstoppable.” The single was released in time for International Women’s Day on March 8, and the full EP will be available for purchase in May. Watch ‘Unstoppable’ below:

The second video this week comes from country music outfit Little Big Town. Their song ‘Daughters’ was first performed at the American Country Music Awards in early April, according to iHeart.com, and now they have released the music video that visually reinforces the message of empowerment found in the song’s lyrics.

“And pose like a trophy on a shelf/ Dream for everyone, but not yourself/ I’ve heard of God the Son and God the Father/ I’m still looking for a God for the daughters.”

With scenarios such as a girl being forced to take etiquette lessons while she dreams of playing outdoors, and feeling out of place in the high school cheer-leading squad while she wishes she could play on the basketball team instead, the message to girls is not to feel like you have to conform to societal standards, and instead follow your heart and your own ambitions.

The final video this week is all about ‘Taking Back The Power’, in an ode to the history of women’s rights and progress including the important movements happening today such as #MeToo, the Women’s Marches, and more. Performed by six young recording artists – Emanuela “Nadia” Alves, Nancita “Cita-Light” Alejandro, Sky Bento, Soulo Non Solum, Dakota “Kota” Lopes, and Iva Brito – and brought together by Big Picture Anthems and YAP!, this music video was filmed on location at some iconic places such as the Women’s Rights National Historical Park – Seneca Falls, and the NY Harriet Tubman National Historical Park – Auburn, NY.

With so much happening politically and socially in terms of women’s issues and intersectional feminist issues across the United States, as well as around the world, the core theme of reclaiming our power could not be more timely.

“We’re taking back the power Because we deserve it Women’s Rights are human rights We want an equal voice, equal pay, equal rights.”

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