FEMINIST FRIDAY – A New Series Sharing Our Fave Videos Of The Week


NEW SERIES ALERT! Welcome to the first installment of Feminist Friday, the series where we feature some of the best and most interesting feminist videos submitted to us. We get so many requests to be featured on the site every week, and while not every video submission is the right fit for an individual piece, we still want to support the work that women are doing out there on the world wide wild web!

So this is our way of continuing our promise to be a platform that shares empowering, inspiring and powerful messages. And if YOU are reading this and know a video we need to include in future weeks, send us an email or submission via our Contact Page.

First up in this edition, we want to share the trailer for the upcoming documentary ‘The Goddess Project’, by filmmaker duo Hollie Rae and Sara Landas. This documentary of epic spiritual proportions has been a couple of years in the making, and saw Hollie and Sara travel across the United States interviewing 100 women.

“Determined to empower the feminine voice, two aspiring filmmakers packed their lives into a school bus and hit the road for what became the most transformative adventure of their lives. Through powerful conversations with over 100 women from different walks of life, The Goddess Project gives an intimate look into the collective experience that women in the United States face today,” says the description. You can find out more about this project by going to the website. Here is the trailer:

Our next FF video comes from vlogger Marissa Vela, who uploads a new video on her Youtube Channel each week. She has only been sharing videos for about 6 months, but they are already getting a lot of love from viewers who love what she is sharing about her life.

This particular vlog is an important one. She shares the story of being at a party recently, where she walked in on a friend who was being raped. You may have seen the viral Facebook post shared by a woman who was at a bar and saw another woman get her drink spiked by her male friend while she was in the bathroom. Her post about women needing to look out for each other and call out predatory behavior certainly hit a nerve in the zeitgeist, where discussions around rape culture, sexual assault and even harassment are at an all time high.

What Marissa is doing by recounting the incident and choosing to share it on a public platform also sends a powerful message that we should no longer stay silent about this. The statistics show 1 in 4 women in college will be assaulted by someone they know in their first year. This should not be happening! The more we speak out about why rape and sexual assault is wrong, and that whatever the victim was wearing, drinking etc is NOT to blame, perhaps we will start to see a shift in rape culture where victim-blaming is rife.

Check out Marissa’s vlog:

The final video you get you excited for the weekend comes from comedienne duo Katherine Biskupic and Leah Friries, who are writers and actresses from Second City Chicago. They created a video called YAS KWEEN (hence our appropriately Queen-ly lead image) featuring a whole slew of badass feminist comedians also from Chicago.

Directed by Eric Richter, the featured KWEENS include: ina Arfaee, Amee Binder, Norah Bingham, Natalie Carneal, Andria Emerick, Mel Forrest, Sarah Hayes, Megan Johns, Lizzy Lewis, Virginia Muller, Maddie Murphy, Katie Nixon, Sarah O’Dwyer, Mollie Rehner, Emi Rodin, Jen Short, Alyssa Simari, Lindsay Tornquist.

You can see more of their videos on their Youtube Channel, but for now, all you need to get your weekend party started is this 80’s fashion-inspired video featuring lyrics about feminism, tampons, Planned Parenthood, sexism and a couple of F-bombs (language warning!).


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