FEMINIST FRIDAY: Helpful & Hilarious Comedy Series About How To Talk To Your OBGYN

Welcome to another edition of Feminist Friday – our weekly column where we share our fave videos of the moment, expanding on our definition of intersectional, inclusive feminism. This week we’re taking on an IDGAF attitude, showcasing women who are unapologetic about their needs, determined in their ambitions, and who exhibit the pioneer spirit despite opposition.

First up, an hilarious comedy web series from our friends Katherine and Leah who made up comedy duo Pure and Weary, titled ‘How To Talk To Your OBGYN’. True to the Pure and Weary brand, they touch on important and timely topics relevant to what is happening to women in America today, while putting a comedic spin on it. In an era where women’s reproductive healthcare is under attack, and there is a regression in terms of medical information being relayed to patients, we really enjoyed watching these short clips from the comedians where they peppered in some facts, while showing viewers how they can talk to their OBGYN like their hairdresser, or their boss, for instance.

Watch the first episode below, and be sure to watch all 5 videos on their Facebook Page.

The second video is a Sundance award-winning short film that has been turned into a feature length film. ‘AWOL’, an LGBTQ story about love and desperation in a small town originally came to public attention through Film School Shorts, a national public television series showcasing emerging filmmakers. Directed by Shoval, the story revolves around queer teenager Joey who, given few options for her future, enlists in the military. A possible escape plan appears in the form of a romance with a married housewife, played by Breeda Wool.

With the film industry landscape changing both in front of and behind the camera, it’s exciting to see this short film being made into a feature where an LGBTQ love story is front an center, with women at the helm. Watch the full short film below and be sure to watch the feature if you enjoy this:

Our final video this week is the trailer for a documentary called ‘Love Gilda’, chronicling the rise and success of comedienne Gilda Radner from her early days as one of the original ‘Saturday Night Live’ cast members, to her turn on Broadway, her personal health struggles with cancer, and ultimately being recognized as a trailblazer in the world of comedy.

Directed by Lisa D’Apolito, the film features interviews with some of Gilda’s contemporaries such as Chevy Chase, Lorne Michaels, Laraine Newman, Paul Shaffer and Martin Short, while also showcasing never-before-seen audio and visual tapes which become the backbone of the film telling her story from a firsthand point of view.

“Gilda felt equal to men. She could be up there with John Belushi and all these guys and if it wasn’t working her way, she’d would find a way to make it work,” the director told KCET.

With so many female comedians disrupting what has been a typically male-dominated industry, such as Iliza Schlesinger, Sarah Silverman, Hannah Gadsby, Ali Wong, and so many more, it’s worth looking back a few decades and admiring the groundbreaking work of someone like Gilda Radner whose success made her modern day contemporaries’ success possible.

‘Love, Gilda’ is set to be released on September 21st, so be sure to check local listings for screening times. Watch the trailer below:


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