FEMINIST FRIDAY: Meet The Legally Blind Student Who Learned To Code & An All-Female Chinese DJ Collective

Welcome to another Feminist Friday column! That time of the week where we get to gather around a handful of videos we can’t get enough of right now. This week our theme is pushing beyond boundaries and creating new pathways. Each video we’re sharing today shows people who are doing this in a number of different areas.

First up is a video from Canadian tech innovation hub MaRS Discovery Direct (MARSDD), a platform that helps startup companies that are working solving some of society’s biggest challenges. Collaborating with companies that are tackling issues such as healthcare, climate change and economic growth in the 21st century, MARSDD is North America’s largest urban innovation hub.

The video we’re sharing gives you a glimpse into the work they do and the messages they amplify through their platform and partnerships. The subject of this video is Rahma Ali, a legally blind woman who has learned to code in 13 languages, thanks to the help of innovating and accessible technology. Hamilton student Rahma was born with cataracts. At 22 years old, she was determined to become a coder but limited vision stood in her way. Once she got the help of Toronto-developed eSight glasses, she gained the vision that she needed to not only learn to code and achieve her goal of making technology inclusive for all, but was able to enjoy life to the fullest and see definition for the first time.

The second video this week comes all the way across the pond from the UK. As the world gears up for the next FIFA Women’s World Cup, there have been a few videos that are getting us exciting for the competition, not just for the game but for the way this tournament has been opening up discussions about pay inequity, sexism in sport, and media recognition for female athletes on par with men.

British Rapper Ms Banks has created the official anthem for BBC’s World Cup campaign, called ‘Change the Game’.

“The song is a rework of the 2005 track Remember the Name and includes lines such as “In history her name she writes” and “Busting down all the doors we ain’t even putting the keys in”. In the film, Ms Banks raps while footballers from the UK and beyond showcase their skills, athleticism and personalities,” says the description on the Campaignlive.co.uk website.

The final video this week has us traveling abroad again, this time to China, where an all-female DJ collective is certainly changing the game and creating new pathways for women in the electronic music scene. NÜSHÙ Workshop hails from Shanghai, and founded by Lhaga Koondhor, Daliah Spiegel, and Amber Axilla. The group was recently highlighted in the Red Bull web docu-series ‘Inspire The Night’, and spoke about some of the members’ individual stories and the meaning of the name, as reported by Vibe.com.

“NÜSHÙ was named for the centuries-old Chinese script used exclusively by women for communicative purposes, and focuses on inclusion through connection, education and championing “femme, femme-identifying, queer, LGBTQ+, and non-binary individuals.” The collective provides its members with the tools needed to succeed in their careers and in life,” says the Vibe article.

“[NÜSHÙ Workshop] is not about becoming the next great DJ, it’s a safe place to discover something. There is so much love and passion…,” says co-founder Koondhor in the episode. “It’s a space where friendship is growing.” Watch below and be inspired!

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