FEMINIST FRIDAY: Politics Getting You Down? Here’s Some #GirlPower Music To Lift You Up.

Welcome to another Feminist Friday! That time of the week where we share 3 of our fave videos of the moment, centered on a feminist theme. This week we’ve decided to head into the weekend on an uplifting, #girlpower note as there has been so much horrible news here in the US regarding women’s reproductive rights, and we want to take a moment to step away and celebrate sisterhood. To do that, of course we need music, so check out our feminist playlist that we’ve had on rotation this week.

First up is American country singer Maren Morris, who many may be familiar with thanks to her collab with Zedd and Grey on ‘The Middle’, often being played on high rotation on your fave radio station. She has a new album out called ‘Girl’, which is jam-packed with girl power anthems and female empowerment themes. In an interview with iHeart.com, the singer reveals how every track on her second full-length album has meaning behind it.

“I want every song to mean something and matter, and not be a skip…I hope to always make music that matters, and tell a story, and evolve my sound, and become a better lyricist,” she said. The first single is of course called ‘Girl’, and is a personal ode to the internal struggles Maren has faced being a female.

“It’s just a song about that kind of self criticism that we all have to deal with and learn from, and I think just it’s about relinquishing control over your day-to-day emotions and just accepting the fact that you’re human and we all have to go through it,” she said. Watch the video below.

The second video comes from pop singer Camille Trust who recently released a single and accompanying video called ‘Lavender’. The song, which has already attracted a lot of attention for it’s powerful themes and personal lyrics focuses on self-realization and empowerment, as well as a nod to the rising chorus of women who are taking a stand for what they believe in politically, socially and culturally especially through women-led movements like #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter, and even the Women’s March.

“There is a growing recognition of female voices in the world. We are finally being given our rightful seat at the table that has been so heavily dominated by male energy for so long. Our words no longer fall on deaf ears, our actions are receiving the reactions we need to thrive, and we are successfully paving the way for future generations of women and femmes,” reports Broadwayworld.com.

The final video this week hails from the all-female Canadian band The Beaches, whose single ‘Snake Tongue’ is exactly the kind of sonic middle finger matching our mood right now. Bass guitarist and vocalist Jordan Miller recently told SDentertainer.com what the inspiration behind the song was:

“The song and the video are about the unwanted male attention we’ve received as both a band and as young women, and how we’ve decided to confront that attention, but rejecting it and by poking fun at it,” she said.

If you are fed up, tired, exhausted, but need some motivation to keep going in the fight against the patriarchy, ‘Snake Tongue’ is for you!

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