FEMINIST FRIDAY: These Powerful Videos Are Getting Us Fired Up To VOTE In The Mid-Terms!

Welcome to another Feminist Friday! We are only a few days away from a much-anticipated mid-term election here in the United States, where people around the country will head to the polls on November 6 to cast their ballot for governors, senators, congresspeople and most of call, DEMOCRACY.

With the past two years being a never-ending stream of bigotry and regression from the Trump administration, activists everywhere are keen to make their voice heard and take back the power. But historically, progressives have low voter turnout during mid-term elections, so it is important to keep speaking about the significance of this election as much as possible.

Those in the media and entertainment world are using their voices and platforms to keep us motivated for November 6, and this week we have a couple of videos to help you get fired up like we are. The first is a music video titled ‘I Am She’ just released by artist and activist Kelly Donnelly, who has also launched a movement called ‘A Girl Called She’. The release is all about celebrating women’s empowerment, is Kelly’s first release as an independent artist.

Kelly’s music speaks to the struggles and realities of today’s empowered woman. The generation of women that have been ignored by the music industry. Women that do not relate and connect with today’s pop music. A Girl Called She represents their journey, their voice and their passion.

A Girl Called She is the voice of the forgotten woman. The mother. The warrior. The independent thinker. The anti-pop star. The underrepresented. The activist. A Girl Called She is a movement. A Girl Called She is you,” says a description about the song and the movement. After what we have been seeing lately with narratives about sexual assault victims in light of the Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh fiasco, the presence of powerful women’s voices is much needed.

The second video comes from Swing Left, a national grassroots organization of hundreds of thousands of volunteers that helps you find and commit to supporting progressives in your closest Swing District. Swing Districts are places where the winner of the last House of Representatives election was determined by a thin margin. The org is heavily committed to helping Democrats take back the house in the Mid-term elections.

They put this video together featuring choreography by Andrew Winghart, and music by Sia. Their message in this video is to not sit around and assume other people or groups are going to ensure your rights. We have to continuously be the ones fighting for them.

“We all have the power to help take back the House this November. Don’t wait for the Blue Wave. Be it,” says the video description. Watch below, and visit vote.org to learn more about how you can participate in democracy.

The final video this week comes from Eleven Films, a media company based out of Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Canada, founded in November 2011. They just released a powerful video called ‘The #BlueWave Trailer’ which has been going viral on Twitter.

Including footage and narratives related to the ugliness around the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and confirmation, it is a searing indictment of the way women’s voices, lives and choices are being ignored and actively worked against by those in power who seek to abuse their position for political gain.

The Kavanaugh confirmation was a defining point in the Trump administration so far, but it has also served to put the fire under many voters because of what is at stake right now when it comes to immigration, transgender rights, reproductive rights, healthcare, and more.

This video is a reminder of the badass candidates who are running for office and choosing to be the change. We are seeing a record number of women of color and LGBTQ candidates running and WINNING, and they are on the ballot this November 6. Watch the video below, get fired up for candidates in your voting district, and let’s take back our democracy together.


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