Fertility, Sex Drive, And Fitness: How Smoking Affects Your Health In More Ways Than One

Whilst sexuality is generally not a topic of everyday conversation, it is a thought-provoking one, particularly when it comes to how it both improves and benefits your health. However, did you know there is a direct link between cigarette smoking and sexual performance?

Whilst not obvious at first, you need to remember that all your bodily organs are interconnected and any damage to one can be directly linked to damage in another. Cigarettes produce many toxic chemicals – tobacco and tar the primary two – which have negative influences on every single part of your body, all the way down to your cells.

These chemicals are highly damaging to the body’s blood circulation, resulting in constricted blood vessels and reduced oxygen levels throughout the body. So, it’s no surprise that for many cigarette smokers, the nasty habitual effects can be damaging for you and your sex life.

Simply put, smoking kills your sex drive. Although it may seem far-fetched, there is a proven link between smoking and reduced sexual appetite. Women who smoke show a decreased libido and require significantly more time to reach sexual arousal.

Research has shown that the carbon monoxide from cigarette smoke adheres to haemoglobin, thereby reducing its ability to move oxygen around the body. This results in much quicker muscle fatigue, which means any type of strenuous activity, including sexual intercourse, is that more difficult to engage in.

It has also been proven that women who do smoke and require a certain level of fitness, such as fitness instructors or those in the Army, have reduced cardiovascular ability than non-smokers. Again, this directly influences the activities that take place in the bedroom.

We all know that smoking drastically affects the lungs, but it hits the body’s blood circulation system just as hard. Any type of damage that is done to the lungs can bring with it other problems to the rest of the body, and no one wants to be short of breath, particularly in the bedroom.

With respect to fertility, cigarette smoking can certainly make conceiving that much more difficult. For instance, the chemicals in the smoke can damage the fallopian tubes and prevent the sperm from reaching the egg. Cigarette smoking can also cause damage to the cervix, the lining of the uterus and even the eggs, so don’t make the mistake of thinking you can just stop smoking once conception is achieved. It’s important and highly recommended to maintain smoking cessation throughout pregnancy.

Worse still, the chemicals can cause the clitoris to swell, leading to inflammation and a further reduction or loss of sexual sensitivity as blood flow is reduced to this area of a woman’s body. The result, sexual activity is much less pleasurable and therefore, less enjoyable.

When it comes to the menstrual cycle, female smokers are more likely to have painful cramps and irregular periods. Smoking decreases a woman’s ability to get pregnant, so, if starting a family is top of your mind, consider stopping smoking now. Smoking also decrease a woman’s estrogen levels to the point that menopause arrives that much sooner, and increases a woman’s risk of developing other diseases and cancers. It’s recommended to look into Letrozole monitoring UK to see how fertile you are. No part of a woman’s body remains safe from the damage caused by smoking.

No matter your age, how long you have been smoking, or even how many cigarettes you smoke per day, it’s important to get your smoking under control, not only for your sake but the sake of your partner’s. Sexual intercourse is an activity to enjoy with a loved one, so when the chemicals in cigarettes dull your ability to feel, you lose all sensitivity, stimulation and the pleasure associated with it.

Smoking will attack your healthy cells and over the long term can cause an irreparable loss of sexual sensation. Although the effect of cigarette smoking on sexual health is just one of the many causes for concern a smoker must face, it is an important one.

Smoking reduces sexual satisfaction dramatically, so take hold of your addiction and quit before your sex life disappears. If you are struggling to kick the habit, consider vaping as an alternative to cigarettes. Switching to a vape liquid may help to get your nicotine cravings under control, reducing them over time until you’re able to quit entirely. Head on over to e-cigreviews.org.uk for more useful tips.

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