Fifth Harmony Taking A Stand For Feminism In New ‘Worth It’ Music Video


First it was their 2014 hit ‘Boss’ and now girl group Fifth Harmony are cementing themselves are girl power aficionados in the public eye with their new single ‘Worth It’. Not since the Spice Girls has the music industry produced an all-female 5-some that are taking a stand for their female fans.

While girl power was the order of the day in the 90s, today it is feminism and it is definitely in need of some positive, young female spokeswomen to portray what the movement actually is, and show a generation of young fans that being an empowered woman is important.

The ‘Worth It’ track and music video (below) is nothing short of a catchy, even predictable pop music hit, but when you see what the girls are doing in the video and hear what they are singing about, you start to notice that this isn’t what we are used to seeing from women in music videos.

The girls are dressed in power suits, dancing in front of a screen with a faux stock exchange feed running across it, and playing out scenarios in the workforce that are normally reserved for men.

Phrases like “glass ceiling” and “feminism is sexy” are seen throughout the clip, alluding to the gender gap that faces women around the world even today.

“We also wanted to incorporate feminism and girl power and our fans, so we kind of did this Twitter thing where we… told them to send in tweets saying why they think feminism is sexy and why they think it’s cool and why they think women empowerment is awesome,” said member Camila to MTV News ahead of the video premiering at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards on March 28 in Los Angeles.


“We can also say that the gender roles were kind of swapped within the music video. That’s a point that we really wanted to make sure that stood out,” said Normani about their portrayals.

While girl power and portraying strong representations of women in music isn’t new, it is still considered somewhat of an anomaly. It isn’t the common narrative, but with artists like Beyonce, arguably one of the biggest musicians in the world right now, taking a stand and declaring herself a feminist at the 2014 VMAs, perhaps we will see this trend continue amongst artists that will have a positive trickle-down effect to their fans.

With far too many celebs like Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson and Shailene Woodley, for example, stating they aren’t feminists for ludicrous reasons such as they don’t hate men, it’s important to see a balance of women who actually understand what feminism actually is, and show audiences that it isn’t about hating or trampling on any group, it is about equality and raising awareness about issues related to this.

Fifth Harmony ain’t shying away from dominating their album with empowered lyrics. Fuse compiled a list of the Top Ten Fiercely Feminist Lyrics you will find of their album ‘Reflection’:

10. “You ain’t no good for me / Not ballin in that dough / But I’m paying for your things / Something’s gotta change boy” –”Sugar Mama”

9. “I’m lookin for that ever-everlasting love / Forever-ever kind of touch” –”Everlasting Love”

8. “I won’t believe a thing you say this time / All them other girls told me how you play ya game / Yeah we know all about you” –”We Know”

7. “So free so young / So you can’t blame me / Yup, let’s get this clear / All the boys over there / Keep looking over here / But we don’t care” –”This Is How We Roll”

6. “That’s what we be like, yeah / Lovin this life cuz we really don’t care / If you thirsty you can’t sit with us” –”Them Girls Be Like”


5. “First off you should really be ashamed / You won’t entice me with that big ol’ chain / Can’t have my number, put that phone away / Maybe you should just stay in your lane” –”We Know”

4. “You can dance like Beyoncé / You can shake like Shakira / ‘cause you’re brave, yeah, you’re fearless / And you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful / So whine like Rihanna / go and pose like Madonna / Cuz you’re brave, yeah you’re honest / And you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful” –”Brave Honest Beautiful”

3. “You say that you a baller / And I see you trying to holla / But that ain’t how I was brought up / Working for the money / Cuz that what my momma taught me / So yo ass betta show some re-spect” –”BO$$”

2. “C-o-n-f-i-d-e-n-t / That’s me I’m confident / Don’t want yo compliments / Use common sense, I’m on my Michelle Obama shhhhhhhhh / Shut yo mouth / Boy I think you know who run this house / I ain’t thirstin for no bae” –”BO$$”

1. “Think I’m in love cause you so sexy / Boy I ain’t talkin ’bout you / I’m talkin to my own reflection” –”Reflection”

With the amount of celebrities and pop stars who don’t feel the need to be role models for young girls or simply don’t care about it, it makes us happy to see Fifth Harmony not just following any old popular trend but recognizing the responsibility they have to set a positive and empowering example to their fans:


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