Finally Some Celebs Who Understand The Real Meaning Of Feminism


We’re so sick of the word feminism being misrepresented in the media by celebs who clearly don’t fully understand it’s meaning or what feminists actually for. The misnomers about the label get more attention than what feminist are actually doing (that whole working for equality thing doesn’t seem to register among the anti-fems).

While we’re not saying every woman has to call themselves a feminist, we are saying that if you are going to talk about it in any way, at least know what it is all about. Enough with the “man-hating” and “victim” labels, they couldn’t be further from the truth! Don’t allow a few bad experiences and radical attitudes to blind you from what everyday feminists are actually doing.

But on the flip side, we are finally seeing more celebrities speak out in the name of feminism and clear things up, and a lot of it has to do with the recent online chatter surrounding the ‘Woman Against Feminism’ tumblr which has been getting a lot of attention. We don’t necessarily agree with everything they say (and others are actually holding up signs saying feminist ideas without even realizing it, funnily enough) but it has enabled the topic to be talked about in a much bigger way and gives those of us who do identify as feminists a chance to clear a few things up.

Two celebs in particular, actress Sophia Bush and singer Demi Lovato have taken to twitter to declare their allegiance, after a nasty hashtag #feministsareugly started doing the rounds recently.

At first Demi retweeted Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello’s disgust at the trend:


Then the ‘Heart Attack’ singer decided it was important to remind her fans why feminism shouldn’t be thought of as a dirty word:


And thank goodness she was not the only celeb to take a stand on twitter, because any hashtag promoting something hateful should not be tolerated. ‘Chicago PD’ actress Sophia Bush, who is been vocal in the past about advocating positive body image messages for women, also used the opportunity to declare which side of the fence she was on by tweeting these thoughts:





For the record “SAHM” stands for “stay at home moms”. And this is what we mean about the internet and society being full of misinformation. Plenty of anti-fems think feminists don’t respect SAHM’s, but that is not true. As long as it was a choice, that’s equality and that should be celebrated. There are women around the world who have no say in the outcome of their life, and it is for reasons like those that feminism is still around.

The manifesto Sophia is referring to in her tweets was created by a Los Angeles feminist campaign called ‘We are the XX’. It is an online movement started in late 2013, by two women who believe the term needs to be re-branded to show people why and how it is still relevant in 2014 and beyond.

Allison Rapson is a women’s advocacy activist with a background in communications. Kassidy Brown is a documentary filmmaker with a focus on Gen Y-ers.

“The word, “feminist,” is powerful and holds a permanent place in the equality conversation. Our belief is that to achieve gender equality we cannot silence, extricate or replace the word, rather we must highlight and amplify its continuous evolution and its current expression,” they state on the website.

“This campaign aims to shift the current branding to reflect the feminist values embraced by Generation Y. We encapsulate these values through our four-point manifesto, which is the heart of this campaign.”

Here is the manifesto:

We are the XX believes:

  • Feminist issues do not just belong to women, they belong to people as a collective and men are an integral part of this community.
  • Feminism is not a movement of separation, competition or comparison. Rather it is all things inclusive, celebratory and desirable.
  • Inherently female attributes are essential to moving progress, power and the entire leadership conversation forward.
  • Feminism is not a sidebar discussion. It is central to all that’s relevant from pop culture to politics to international development.

Sounds simple right? Well for all of you feminists out there who are looking for a great resource to share with inquisitors about why you stand for this movement, feel free to use this manifesto. It’s about time we had some new literature about feminism for our generation so that anti-fems and haters aren’t in the dark about what is represents.

For those of you who are still confused, questioning or just want to know more information, watch Allison and Kassidy’s video below where they explain more about the campaign. The bottom line is that not everyone has to call themselves a feminist, it’s only when the terms starts getting hijacked by haters, and when others don’t think equality is something we need to fight for anymore that creates a problem.

Bravo Demi and Sophia for using your voice to inspire others not to shy away from feminism, and thank you Allison and Kassidy for taking the initiative to create something simple for our generation to share online. Keep up the great work ladies!


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