Fitness Brand Owner Responds To An Article Shaming Women Who Wear Yoga Pants

By Genevieve Torok

Everywhere you look, someone is wearing them – yoga pants. Whether they’re sporting a colorful design, or they’re being used in lieu of traditional slacks for professional purposes, you can’t avoid them. There seems to be a lot of backlash on women who wear yoga pants, but do you know what i see? Empowerment.

(Yoga) Pants: A Brief History

Women didn’t even start wearing pants until the 1920s – that’s less than a century ago. Back then, it was called leisurewear, and was the first real sign of women striking out with something that wasn’t part of the status quo. It was something that made them feel good about themselves; it allowed them to express their bodies (as much as you could in the 1920s). Flash forward to today, and look around – it’s not about some societal stance, it’s about – and i’m going to say this word a lot – empowerment.

Seems like an awfully big title to put on a type of pants, right? It’s not about the pants, but more about the outlet that they give women to express their bodies. It’s a form of self-expression. It’s about self-love. Yoga pants and other sexy fitness wear act as a conduit for a visual expression of your ability to say, “I love myself enough to put my confidence and comfort first.” You don’t have to be an Instagram model to rock a pair of yoga pants, either. There’s a serious stigma against women wearing yoga pants, and it’s downright infuriating.

The women who wear yoga pants are the ones putting their bravery before their trepidation, they’re the ones that flaunt the confidence everyone strives for, they’re the ones that are standing up against a continual effort for others to try and police the clothing we wear. Does it make you feel good to wear them? Then wear them!

The bottom line is, if you feel good in it, wear it. Whether it’s yoga pants or sexy fitness wear of your choosing, you deserve to feel good about your body and yourself. When you have columnists like the recently-infamous Honor Jones of the New York Times shaming women who wear yoga pants (and at the gym, of all places), you run into the opposition.

Empowerment and Self-Love in America

If you haven’t already read it, the New York Times recent article on body shaming has sort of exploded all over the internet. I read it, and I kept waiting for a “But,” or something to display what I hoped was a satirical piece. Alas, it wasn’t, and it’s brought up the very heated debate (by debate, I mean everyone agreeing that women should be allowed to wear what they want) all across social media platforms and in coffee shops all across America.

You’re supposed to feel sexy in your comfort zone, in the clothes that make you feel your best, the ones that give you a positive view about yourself. Nobody should be shamed or told not to wear something that makes them feel sexy and confident. You want to rock mesh leggings, sexy tops or yoga pants? Go for it. There’s nobody to stop you feeling good about yourself except you. Every woman deserves to feel sexy and confident, and we don’t need to look anywhere else other than inward to achieve that.

Yoga pants aren’t just about fashion; they’re the ultimate apparel to work out in without feeling restricted, allowing you to enjoy numerous activities like yoga (obviously), kickboxing, power cycling, and just about anything else you can do in the realm of physical fitness. The fact that you look good while you’re doing it? Perks!

Wear What We Want, When We Want

Empowerment also projects outward. When you’re nice to others, you often see the same in return. When you love yourself, others can see it – it’s similar to the effects of paying it forward. That works with just about everything in life. Output negativity, attract negativity.

However, I’d like to propose a toast to all you ladies out there reading this – let’s quickly celebrate the fact that we’ll wear what we want, when we want. Let’s toast to supporting the atmosphere that tell ourselves, as well as telling others that yoga pants, and fitness wear like them, that you should wear what you want, and not let anyone or any idea stand in the way of that.

So, to leave you with this: if you feel sexy in yoga pants, wear them. If you love the way you look in mesh leggings, wear them. Sexy fitness tops? Yeah, those too. Wear them! Even when we hear backlash in NYT pieces or from firsthand experiences, we need to put all that resolve we’ve created in front of us, let it deflect the negativity, and remember that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Yoga pants are an excellent way to look down the road ahead, to new goals. It doesn’t matter how small the steps are, you’re walking towards your physical fitness goal (and looking good while doing it, I might add). I’m willing to bet that Honor Jones would look and feel amazing in any piece of my Sarada Fitness Wear, too. The offer’s on the table, Honor. You deserve to feel empowered, too.

Genevieve has lived in Brazil and while there fell in love with the culture of the Brazilian people. To her, Brazil is her second home and represents happiness, colors, and femininity. She works with brands that remind her of this beautiful country and what it stands for.
Sarada Fitness Wear is a result of her passion that inspires her every day. Working with active women who want to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle is her focus. Genevieve wants to add value to other women’s lives through her products and most importantly, through what her brand stands for: always inspiring to be a strong and confident woman, a Saradona!


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