Five Outstanding Women Of Style Who Have Successfully Combined Fashion & Confidence


We are smack-bang in the middle of the fall fashion show season, the time of the year when people all around the world look to New York Fashion Week, London, Milan and Paris runways to get in the know about next season’s trends. It is of course the time of the year when the all-hallowed September issue of Vogue is launched that is a game-changer in the fashion industry.

But there is also a sense of “fashion rebellion” happening, where people are looking elsewhere to find inspiration and thinking outside the box. It’s not just celebrities or supermodels, but women who are role models, who use their elevated platform for advocate for important issues that are inspiring fashion-lovers everywhere.

The world is full of inspiring women to look up to. These inspirational women can help us work harder, create better friendships, achieve our goals, and even provide us with inspiration to dress better. In the fashion world, style icons tend to come and go, but these outstanding women of style are definitely worth keeping an eye on. Their immaculate styles and inspirational messages are something you should look up to.


Amal Clooney

Women are finally starting to reflect their power in their style choices and Amal Clooney is the perfect example of this. The human rights lawyer’s dresses for success and her style is not only playful, but it also reflects the situations perfectly.

Her elegant dresses are princess-like whenever she supports her actor husband on the red carpet. But the trends you need to be adding to your wardrobe are her smart and feisty work items. She adds just enough funkiness to her smart choices. She pairs bright colors with fun details, such as bows and embroideries. She can play with prints and accessories, creating a look that makes you see her serious and playful side at the same time.


Rebecca Hall

Rebecca Hall is a British actress with a simplistic, yet stunning fashion sense. The ‘BFG’ cast member has refreshed the fashion scene with avant-garde outfits and classical fashion accessories. Although her sense of style is timeless and elegant, it’s more of a breath of fresh air in the crowded fashion world of today.

What to copy from Hall’s wardrobe? On the red carpet, Hall has favored the classic color combination of black and white. It might seem like a safe option, but you can make it rather exciting and experimenting with unique cuts and colorful accessories. Instead of opting for classic A-line skirts, for example, she has worn black dresses with asymmetrical hemlines.

She’s also mastered the season’s hairstyle: an uneven bob. It gives her classic look a bit more edge and creates the perfect platform for showing off your earrings.


Kerry Washington

Another great actress with a fantastic fashion style is Kerry Washington. The strong lead from ‘Scandal’ has proven her power on and off the red carpet. She’s a superb role model for girls, and especially girls of color, and her wardrobe is worthy of inspection as well.

Kerry doesn’t just play a political operative on-camera, in real life she is a passionate advocate for social justice and women’s issues, and speaks regularly about her support for US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Kerry’s style is a no-nonsense look, with plenty of streamlined cuts and confident pieces. Washington’s coat picks are especially worthy of attention. The full-length coats made from wool and in jacquard print are a must-have addition to any wardrobe. She’s also rocked the classic trench coat, which is making a strong comeback in the fashion world.


Kaia Gerber

If you’re not that in-tune with the fashion world, you might not have heard about Kaia Gerber yet. But you’ve definitely heard of her little-known mother, a certain modelling icon Cindy Crawford. Kaia has not only inherited her mother’s stunning beauty, but also her sense of style. She is definitely a fashion icon you should be looking up to and we’ll definitely be hearing more of her in the future.

The attitude, as well as the trends, you need to adopt from Kaia is her relaxed cool approach to life and fashion. She’s been rocking up sneakers wherever she goes, because they are comfortable to wear. From skinny jeans to cocktail dresses – it doesn’t and shouldn’t matter as long as you feel amazing.This type of attitude will get you far in life. You’d also want to check out her chic style choices, such as the brown jacket-styled dress she wore in New York.


Juno Temple

Bohemian styles are popular at the moment, with the Vinyl actress Juno Temple showcasing the best this style has to offer. She is known for wearing color and print on and off the red carpet. Her style is brave, but in a bohemian way rather than in a shocking manner.

If you want to copy Temple’s wardrobe, there’s plenty of affordable and easily executed looks to try. Her shoe selection is always on par with the latest trends. You can find her rocking ankle boots in satin or classic black leather and when she needs to up her game, she puts on great platform heels. She also walked down the streets in a stunning, oversized navy jumpsuit, which is definitely worth investing in.

The above is a group of outstanding women of style that you want to follow right now. They add playfulness, classical elements, and timeless elegance to any girl or woman’s wardrobe. You can also reinvent your wardrobe without costing a fortune with the help of latest coupons from OZCodes. You can find stunning designer clothing at your favourite online brands like Missguided, Dissh, Birdsnest & similar that fits your budget.

You should also remember that style isn’t just about what you wear, but how you carry yourself forward – with confidence and self-belief. Each of these women have incorporated style into their own personal “brand” which is more than just about how you look, it is how you present yourself in the world and signifies what you stand for.




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