Five Women-Owned Businesses In The Stock Market

Women have gained economic, cultural, and political achievement all over the world as they are born leaders. They are major investors in the stock market buying stocks such as Snowflake stock and earning their own way.

These days, women are leading owners of many influential and well-operational businesses which have been longstanding throughout history. WBENC Certification validates that the women-owned businesses are 51% owned, managed, and considered operational by women. According to, the United States has around 12.3 million women-owned businesses generating almost 1.8 trillion dollars a year. 

Below are five successful businesses that are owned and founded by inspiring women entrepreneurs.


CISCO is a networking hardware company that an American businesswoman and philanthropist own. The CISCO was founded by a married couple, Leonard Bosack and Sandra Lerner, which parted their ways later in their life. It was founded in 1984 by a multi-protocol-router platform designed by the couple and the United States’ largest corporation.

In 1990, Lerner separated from the company taking $170 million from the sale of stock. Following, she founded a cosmetic company named Urban Decay which reached incredible heights within the cosmetic industry. All of her success has led her to run a certified organic farm located in Virginia.


Anita Roddick is the owner and founder of the Body Shop. The Body Shop was the chain of makeup products that she started running in 1976 to promote causes and end animal testing. This has led to the ability to help environmental causes and work toward eco-friendly ways of creating and promoting cosmetic products using safe measures. 

Anita is one of the leading business executives because of her ethical and moral beliefs and leadership. The Body Shop was accepted publicly in 1984. Body Shop franchises spread widely all over the world in a little time. The Body Shop has grown in popularity over the years and its eco-friendly initiatives have enabled other companies to become more aware of the products they’re using. Their initial notion of including environmental wellness is still striving within our society in many different ways. Ms. Roddick sold this company to L’Oréal for 1.4 billion dollars. Now, there are almost 2500 franchises for the company in more than 61 countries.


Sharon Chuter, a Nigerian, has founded Uoma Beauty company which creates a makeup range for forwarding thinking, radical, and compromising women. The woman of color business generates 23% of the revenue of the total woman-owned business, and Sharon became the inspiration for black life. 

She has started the production of innovative and esthetically-pleasing makeup suitable for all skin tones. Ms. Chuter launched “Pull Up Or Shutup” calling for makeup brands that donated to Black Lives Matter. She ran the business having beauty with a message. She represents that beauty can come in any color and we intend to appreciate them all. This has enabled people from all racial backgrounds to feel seen and heard and encourages people of color to seek out certain cosmetic products which reflect their own identities.


Two dermatologists, Kathy Fields and Katie Rodan, built a billion-dollar brand in their spare time named Proactiv. Both were classmates at Stanford University studying dermatology together and faced acne issues at the same time. This realization encourages them to start working on facial blemishes treatments. These two female executives were practicing dermatologists who teamed up to make an acne treatment Proactiv. 

Nowadays, the Proactiv company presents the women themselves with transparent and foundation-free skin tones. This product went viral publicly through 30 minutes of television infomercials, and now it is a top-selling and leading acne medication brand in the United States stock market.


Lynsi Synder Ellingson is the CEO of the famous burger company which her grandparents founded in the year 1948. Now, she is the sole owner of In-N-Out Burger Company at the age of 33 and has decided to inherit company ownership at 35. Lynsi Synder Ellingson is one of the fifteen youngest billionaires in the United States. Her company value is 1.1 billion dollars.