Food Delivery Apps You Need To Try Right Now

We live in a world where due to COVID-19, almost everything has gone virtual, including many everyday conveniences such as meal preparation. Going to the grocery store in person may not be feasible for many due to health reasons, or those who are now working from home and don’t have the time to cook every day. With technology, you can easily order food online and satisfy your hunger. You can order through various mobile applications and websites available, depending on the type of food you want, proximity, and affordability. With hundreds of apps possible, you need to choose the best delivery apps. In this article, we’ll highlight four of the best food delivery apps you can try.

1. UberEats

Uber Eats is one of the most popular Food Delivery apps. You can download it for free on Google play store or App Store for iPhone users. With UberEats, you can get the expected delivery time, and also you get the advantages of using a digital payment system. The good thing about this app, it works even in smaller cities, and it’s user-friendly. UberEats is now working in 24 countries, covering over 500 cities. Some of the popular areas used include; Singapore, Baltimore, Portland, Austin, among other popular cities. It usually charges around 15% of the total order and less amount for smaller orders. Try it now and get to see its experience.

2. GrubHub

Being a location-based app, GrubHub enables you to order food from your nearest locations. It is available to both Android and iPhone users. You can search your healthiest fast-food options according to your taste or by using a specific menu using your previously ordered meal. This app is available to over 3200 cities in the US and also London, UK. GrubHub is free to use, but the delivery people can charge a reasonable amount for your doorstep delivery. It also has a plus feature, whereby restaurants affiliated can make unlimited deliveries for just $10. With GrubHub, you can save locations for easy and fast future deliveries.

3. DoorDash

Just like its name, DoorDash enables you to get food from eateries to your doorstep. It provides an excellent option for individuals who would love something fast from their favorite restaurants, and it is an easy to use app. The good thing about this app, you can use the DoorDash promo codes for existing users 2020 to get discounts on your food deliveries. DoorDash is available in over 800 cities in Canada and the United States, with its major cities being New York, Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta, and Boston. Delivery fees on this app depend on restaurants, but you can get discounts by subscribing to the ongoing offers. There is also a Dashpass plan, where you get no delivery fees and discounted prices for deliveries over $12 done on DoorDash affiliated restaurants.

4. Postmates

This app does more than just food delivery. It can pick and deliver anything to you, including alcohol from any of their designated destinations. The app functions in over 4200 cities across the United States, and it charges its delivery fee depending on the order and distance covered. You can also subscribe to their monthly plan, whereby you pay $10 and get deliveries from the appointed distributors and sellers to orders more than $12.

Other popular apps include; Instacart,, goPuff, Chownow, among others. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, most apps are giving discounts or offering free delivery to people staying and working at home. Check out on their offers and try them out to have your delicious meal delivered at home.