Forget Everything You Know About ANTM Winner Lisa D’Amato! Here’s The Truth…

Lisa D'Amato

Whether you love her or hate her, Lisa D’Amato is real, and she doesn’t apologize for who she is. There are a lot of misconceptions about her, thanks to the media and online gossip. She found out about our movement and wanted to get involved immediately! First things first, setting the record straight. Think you know everything about this loud, bold, brassy chick? Think again! In fact, forget everything you know, and discover Lisa D’Amato all over again, through her own words. You might actually be surprised…

My name is Lisa

“My name is Lisa D’Amato. Most people know me as the wild child contestant from America’s Next Top Model cycle 5, then the daring winner [most people think by default] of America’s Next Top Model cycle 17:All-Stars. To say I’m “controversial” or “easily hated’ by many would be putting it mildly. Trust me, I’m not shedding any tears but I am definitely taken aback from such strong feelings I seem to evoke from those anonymous cyber bullies aka [Allison Harvard fans] when all my intention was to inspire people who came from hard knock backgrounds like myself.

Allison is such a sweet girl it’s a shame her fans can be so nasty. As if I were the reason she didn’t win. I had nothing to do with it. If you write things online to others that you know isn’t right maybe you should think twice. People need to remember that there are many sides to every story and if you weren’t there you probably don’t know as much as you might assume. Also, writing such hurtful words to someone online and not knowing how devastating their life may be could turn just an ignorant comment to an instant tragedy.

Back to ANTM, as far as some fans who watch and seem to know how reality TV production works, even though they have never worked in the business they seem entitled to lash out online. They really need to understand that reality TV does things like PUBLICITY STUNTS, and creates story lines for a sweet lil’ something called RATINGS. What an idea, huh? Now, I’m not here to win over any best friends or seek acceptance from the masses, in fact, I’ve never sought that out…but let me reintroduce myself…

All-Star Finale

My name is Lisa D’Amato. I am a dark horse. I am a girl that truly believes I live on bonus time and want to use that time to do my part to change the world. I promised myself that if I wasn’t going to kill myself [which I tried to do throughout my late teens up until I was 22] then I was going to live. All or nothing! I wanted to accomplish everything that everyone said I couldn’t. I was going to seek the one thing I had never truly felt which was happiness. I was going to pave a road for those who felt defeated their whole lives and I was going to use all the negativity, abuse, embarrassment, frustration, and all the drive in my whole body to live a life of truth and honesty and make the world a better place. Because lets be honest- it’s evil.

The wise always say that Truth is everything. Well, it was a rude awakening when you realize people prefer being lied to. What’s progressive about that, I wonder? People like that sweet pillow of denial to rest their little heads on. But, that wasn’t going to stop me. For a young girl who was beaten, taught how to be bulimic, fed exlax, sexually abused, mentally abused, abandoned, and sabotaged her whole life from the one person who was suppose to love me-my own mother-I think I’ve accomplished a lot. See, all those years I had to lie to be accepted. If I ever mentioned what was going on with my mother I was just felt sorry for. Like I was tainted, or made fun of because of it. I was alienated by friends and the community. I was lost and scared. These are the reasons why I have a “I don’t give a fuck” attitude to those that want to break me down. See, been there done that!


As far as I’m concerned, ones that had similar upbringings as myself are drug addicts or dead. That needs to stop! I feel quite lucky and accomplished. All I want to do is show the hope for others, that’s all I ever wanted to do. I couldn’t be more disappointed that others don’t see that…

For a girl who was supposedly “trash” and “ugly” I won America’s Next Top Model All-Stars and am the oldest winner in history, no doubt!

For a girl who was “worthless” I am now a Guinness World Records holder! (I was the first woman to runway walk the highest tower in the world which is the CN Tower in Toronto Canada)

Considering I don’t even think of myself as very attractive and have been modeling for over 14 years, that in itself is quite an accomplishment. I definitely get the hint that others don’t think I’m pretty either!

Also in the search for reaching my goals and staying truthful, I found love! Still can’t believe that…


To all those amazing impressionable beautiful young ladies out there, I got a message for ya: It may seem a little cliche or a little too afternoon special for ya but regardless of what your dreams are everyone is going to try to knock you down. They’ll tell ya you aren’t good enough. Judge everything you do n’ say even though they have no idea what your life is or what you’re going through. Call you a bitch even though you’d give your jacket to anyone.

It’s unfortunate we are taught to judge before showing compassion. Just always know that there are others that have beaten the odds and are paving a road before you to try and make your road easier, because we have been there.

“The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do” -Anonymous

And my favorite “Fuck ’em” -by my grandma.

Just be YOU! Be the best YOU you can be and keep that beautiful smile on your face.

Love, Lisa

P.S. to all my amazing supporters out there who always ask what is next for me:

I have a lot of great projects in the works like TV shows and a feature film coming out this summer, as well as other TV projects in the works and even a book on its way. Sorry I’m not focusing on modeling. I’m bored with it and have too much to say to continue just being a visual image. Plus, I’m kinda over hearing how ugly I am online!

I love being in front of the camera but I’m putting all my years of acting training to work finally as well as writing new music. I hope to make you all proud as I always am trying to work hard to pave a road for the underdog! We can all be the dark horse! It’s never too late to follow through with your dreams. In fact, we need more women to set records and raise the bars! :]”




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