Forgotten Female Air Force Trailblazers Honored At Annual Parade


If you are a history buff and know a lot about World Wars one and two you’d be familiar with this image above, or perhaps not, as they are a crucial piece of history which the US government chose to sweep aside after the war.

The WASPS, or Women Air Force Service Pilots were women in War War II who were recruited to relieve the male pilots so that they could go and fight in the war. From 1942 to 1944 1000 women flew those huge army planes and did something women had never done before.

After the war ended the women were basically discarded by the US military and were only classes as civilians, not servicewomen. It was this political and institutional bias that gave way for great disappointment to these women. It wasn’t until 35 years after the war that these brave women were finally recognized as military heroes and were classed as veterans, thanks to legislation passed in congress allowing them military benefits and status.

Can you imagine! These women, who were the trailblazers for many female air force pilots today, had to fight for their own recognition after the fight of the war was done.


On January 1st, 2014, the WASPs were honored in the annual Rose Parade in Pasadena, California with their own float and a major nod to their willingness to be part of defending the country, albeit as service pilots. These were women whose parents and communities as the time looked down upon them for what they did, but they did it anyway knowing what an indelible mark on womankind it would make in the future.

If you are a woman in the military, or even if you aren’t, take a moment to watch this feminist slice of history and be inspired by the women who were the pioneers of their generation. It would not be possible for women to serve in the air force today if it weren’t for the WASPs of WWII.

What a great way for our generation to pay homage to these women in the Rose Parade. Let’s hope WASPs will become an integral part of American school education curriculum. We’d like to do our part in sharing their story in the hope that it will inspire young women that anything is possible if you are determined!


  1. This is so sad! It is about time the recognized these women!! I remember a TV show (Cold Case) had a show about them. They really did pave the way for women!

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