Four Traditionally Male-Dominated Industries Where Women Are Making Progress

Gender discrimination has been an issue for many years as the fight for gender equality is still an ongoing process. In the US, the Equal Rights Amendment has never been ratified, and the Paycheck Fairness Act continues to be voted down by Senate Republicans. Although it is 2017 and we have seen incredible progress in the area of equal rights, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that we still have a number of political leaders and public figures who hold fast to some fairly regressive gender ideas. Remember Ann Coulter saying she doesn’t believe women should vote?

The social norms of a man being the primary breadwinner and the woman traditionally staying at home to look after the home and children is not so set in stone any more. Many people still believe that a woman’s place is barefoot, pregnant and in front of the stove but with living expenses being so high, it is getting increasingly difficult for a any man to be the sole provider for his family.

We are not only seeing men choosing to stay at home with children with more and more private paid family leave policies including time off for fathers, but we are seeing many women entering fields they normally wouldn’t in previous eras. Here are four industries which have typically been perceived as male-dominated, but are now seeing more presence of women year by year.

Trucking industry

Where men once tread over land and snow in their trucks in order to get goods delivered to remote locations, women are now joining in on the trucking industry’s benefits. It is said that the estimated number of women in the trucking industry is expected to be 7 or 8%; a huge amount considering it is such a grueling job with odd hours of endless driving. Family time will be almost impossible to incorporate and women truly need to adjust to such circumstances in order to be able to do the job.


Veterinarians dedicate their lives to helping sick and dying animals. Many veterinarians also help out at zoos, have a helping hand in many animal rescue activities as well as providing helpful resources to the public. This job requires a strong heart and mind as some days at the office may be heart breaking. With an estimated annual salary of $72 234, women are standing firm when having this position exposed to them.

Medical scientists

A staggering 56.9% of all medical scientists are female and the percentage keeps growing. Medical scientists usually study different kinds of organisms to learn more about them while being able to help other better understand the circumstances. With an annual salary of about  $84 973, it is a job that takes years of practice and dedication, both character traits that a woman needs in order to survive in the corporate world.

Financial Managers

Financial managers oversee different types of financial reports such as direct investment activities and cash management activities. Women take over this corporate position yet again by 54.7% and growing. Your average financial manager would earn an annual salary of about $65 521, enabling them to bring a good deal of money home to help their partner care for their loved ones.

While the debate continues on how the corporate world has adjusted to the fact that women will now be part of the workforce, to ignore the presence of women in almost every field and ensure equality in the workplace will only be a detriment to a company. With studies showing that daughters of working women are more likely to earn higher salaries in their own careers, women are not just progressing in typically male-dominated industries, they are contributing an incredible value to the workforce.

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