From Purple Carrot To Pete’s Paleo, We List Our Top 10 US Food Delivery Services

Food delivery services are one of those businesses that have been growing by leaps and bounds. In the USA, it is already a billion dollar industry and the investments and the number of companies are growing by the day.
The working population forms the bulk of customers for these services as they are too busy to look for other options. With every other food delivery start-up trying to prove themselves as the best and attempting to create their own market, it becomes difficult for the customers to pick out the best from all of the rest. Fret not as here is a list of some of the best food delivery services for busy working people in the USA.

1. Freshly
Freshly provides meals right at your doorstep and all you need to do is reheat the items before eating. All of the meals delivered by the site are low in carbs and contain no refined sugar and gluten. You can check the website for additional information on ingredients and nutritional values. The extra meals are brought together to be donated to farms and shelters by the brand.

2. Pete’s Paleo
The food is cooked with all the paleo-suited ingredients and the company takes care to keep it free from soy, gluten, eggs, dairy, and sweeteners. They serve some really amazing grilled food as well. You will want to order time and again once you taste their grilled proteins and seasonal veggies. The company delivers tasty Paleo food all over the USA.

3. Veestro
Bid goodbye to all the work of washing, preparing, cooking, and cleaning with this service by your side. Interestingly, this food delivery service was started by a brother-sister who were finding it hard to eat healthy in their busy schedules. The company takes pride in serving you meals that are completely plant-based and made of non-GMO products. The meals get frozen while fresh to keep the goodness intact.

4. Blue Apron
Blue Apron is the food delivery service made for the novice chef interested in learning new ways to cook, but who doesn’t have to time to explore what is out there. With their list of recipes constantly updating, their helpful wine pairings, and information cards that give you in-depth information about new ingredients you perhaps have never used before but want to know why they are good for you, Blue Apron is dishing out a good serving. They also recently partnered with Airbnb showing they are thinking outside the box when it comes to reaching more customers and setting themselves above their competitors.

5. Sakara
Sakara is the service that you need when you want food that is great to eat and at the same time looks good enough to click pictures of to put up on Instagram. You no longer need to face the hassle of cooking in your busy schedule as everything from super foods, veggies, tasty nutrition rich sandwiches prepared in griddles to plant-based protein gets delivered right at your doorstep whenever you order.

6. Green chef
The one is for the lover of organic food but with a lack of time in hand to whip up intricate delicacies. To add to that, these meal kits come with certification from USDA. You get an option to choose from the major menu types and the prices come up accordingly. You can cook a meal for two in less than twenty to thirty minutes with these meal kits.

7. Purple Carrot
If those bright and fresh veggies at the farmers’ market make your eyes shine, then Purple Carrot is the food delivery service that you need. It has a weekly list of the best of seasonal vegetables. On opening the box, you get a beautiful note containing all the information about the ingredients, nutrition, and background information about the dish, ways of cooking, and so on.

8. Trifecta
Trifecta is one company that understands the ways of catering to every kind of food-lover out there, from the super busy professional to the fitness freak who are busy with their muscle building regimes in gym. There are five meal plans with each of them having the focus on a particular type of diet like Paleo or vegan. The company is committed to using nothing but sustainable produce in the dishes that it serves.

9. One Potato
Though One Potato has mainly two options in meals, omnivore and vegan, it is still great if you and your partner both lack the time for cooking. The best thing about this company is that the pre-cooked meals are aimed towards family or large groups. Thus, when the guests come calling, you need not spend all your time in the kitchen doing everything from chopping, measuring, and more.

10. Munchery
You will have to be a member if you want to have healthy food at a discounted rate from Munchery. If you are someone who orders almost every night, the services of these company can actually prove to be a money saver for you. The prices are reasonable and the loyalists claim that the food is good enough to love.


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