Fullscreen Talent Manager Scarlett Perlman On Digital Content, Female Talent & Adapting In The Age Of COVID-19

Fullscreen talent (L-R) Andie Case, Yoatzi Castro, Alex Blue, Darcei Giles

If you aren’t already getting your daily dose of entertainment from Fullscreen – a leader in social-first entertainment experiences serving talent and brands – we’ll give you a moment to get familiar and click on that link…

Ok now that we have that sorted, allow us to introduce you to Scarlett Rayner Perlman, Senior Manager of Talent Management for Fullscreen, who oversees a roster of some badass female creators and artists. With the entertainment industry rapidly changing to allow more creators who aren’t necessarily celebrities in the traditional sense become household names among Gen Z, it’s exciting to see how everyday people’s voices and talent are disrupting the status quo and diversifying the landscape.

As a talent manager, Scarlett is on the forefront of helping those voices get the amplification they need, and her keen eye for talent, given her career experience so far, is helping viewers like us find the content we need and want on a daily basis.

We spoke with Scarlett to get some recommendations on which female creators we should be watching on Fullscreen right now, how she looks for talent in the digital sphere, and how COVID-19 has helped position digital platforms like Fullscreen at the forefront of the entertainment world.

Scarlett Rayner Perlman

As a talent scout in an entertainment industry that is increasingly becoming dominated by digital and social media personalities, what do you look for in a new potential client?

Scouting talent has become one of the things I love most about my job. I have found a niche in diverse talent with highly engaged audiences. Part of this comes from having a strong point of view or culture connection with their fans. Now more than ever, it is important to have highly engaged audiences across multiple platforms to maximize conversion for a successful business. It’s not enough to have a large following on one platform, it’s about building a story and meaningful content across Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and more. 

What are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned at Fullscreen or during your talent management career? 

My biggest lessons include taking care of your team and fostering strong internal relationships first. By doing so, you are better able to service your clients and leverage your relationships to move the needle on not only your own career but your talent’s. My team operates with respect for each other, and we are stronger together, rather than looking at one another as competition.

Would you say diversity is important to you on your talent roster and on your team, and why?

Absolutely. Social media has given all ethnicities, genders, creeds, ages, etc, the ability to build an audience and create content that was previously not well represented through traditional media. Fullscreen is very lucky to work with some best in class creators, who are making impacts both in micro and macro communities. We find that diversity in talent and content makes for a stronger relationship with talent’s fans and gives more opportunity for authentic engagement. 

Why do you think audiences are so drawn to social media stars, similar to the way fans are to traditional celebrities? 

The ability for genuine connections is endless with social media stars. Creators are able to share more of themselves through publishing opportunities on various platforms. People who have previously never felt represented now have people who look like them and have gone through similar experiences to look up to. Before social media, it was not common for you to know intimate details about a celebrity, like what they wear everyday, how their room is decorated, what they eat, what their family dynamic is, what they’ve struggled with, etc. Now with social media, creators are able to open up to their fan base in a very real way, and bring like minded communities together to share experiences. 

Who are some of the female artists and talent that stand out to you, and what is it about their work that audiences are connecting with?

I would like to give a shoutout to some of the females on my roster. MissDarcei is a rapidly growing Canadian beauty creator. Her series Black Girl Tries has propelled her Youtube channel to the next level, by tapping into a format that hasn’t been widely done before. 

Also, Yoatzi, who is a Mexican American beauty creator and mother. She is authentically herself, from sprinkling Spanglish throughout her videos, to sharing her experiences with finishing college as a mother, to her hilarious videos with her siblings, she is able to bring Latina culture into the mainstream. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has a number of entertainment industry areas re-thinking their strategies for distribution and even content creation. How has Fullscreen been at the forefront of this type of access for a while now? 

When I came over to Fullscreen from traditional music management at Red Light Management, I was really impressed with the level of knowledge and strategy the teams have on every digital platform. We at Fullscreen have always built strong foundations in our clients core formats on their social media channels, as well as developed and implemented cutting edge strategies for growth and sustainability. This has really allowed our clients to thrive during this turbulent time, and fall back on content creation, being that media consumption is up across the board with everyone at home. Additionally, we have adapted really fast during this time and moved into digital formats for “live experiences” in streaming as well as client’s overall content strategy and messaging to be on tone for the climate we are living in. 

When you sign a new client, what are some of the ways you help you nurture their talent and grow their brand and following? And how do you collaborate on their content creation strategy? 

When I first sign a new client, I do an in depth kick off meeting with them, and really drill into their point of view and goals. Once I have a real understanding of what they stand for and where they want to go with their career, we are able to put together a plan to help them meet their goals. I also take a look at their current posting and content strategy and dig in with them on what has and hasn’t been working. As a manager, I am truly involved in all aspects of my clients career, from format ideas, to suggesting trends, to bringing revenue opportunities, publicity, and negotiating high level contracts. Everyday is different, and every relationship with a client is different, but that’s the fun of it! 

What does a successful week look like for you, typically? 

Overall, a successful week is when I am closing new business, strengthening existing relationships, being a team player internally, and also finding time for myself and my family. I try to come to work energized everyday with fresh ideas, and to do that, I have to make personal time to recharge and reset!

Who are some exciting artists and personalities we should be paying attention to right now? 

On the music side, two of my clients, Alex Blue and Andie Case. Both women are hard working, unapologetically themselves, and very talented. Alex has a very exciting collaboration EP coming soon, with some amazing featuring artists. Andie also has a very timely and meaningful single coming out, that also happens to be a lot of fun! Also, my colleague Mason and I just signed some really exciting Tik Tokers, Maximo Rivano and Sabrina Quesada, who are blowing up on the platform. Definitely keep an eye out for what’s to come for them!

You can check out original content on Fullscreen and get familiar with their roster of personalities by clicking here.


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