Fun Bonding Activities For Badass Women Who Like An Adventure

The stereotype of women bonding over gossip magazines and fashion has thankfully started to dissipate as feminism has led to a new drive for women to take up the reins of previously male-dominated sports and activities. While fashion and beauty is certainly nothing to scoff at, these days there are far more options for extra curricular activities that cater to women and the changing demographics. If you are looking for new ways to spend your next girls’ weekend, take a look below to get some bonding activity ideas.

Paintball is not just for teenage boys or husbands who never grew up. Paintball can be a great exercise in teamwork and problem-solving. Whether you are going on a weekend trip with your friends or on a team-building day with work, paint-balling can benefit your health while also being fun and exhilarating for everyone involved.

Paintball relieves stress through the release of endorphins and so will help you to relax after you’re a busy week at work while making you believe that you are in ‘The Hunger Games’ or an action-adventure Hollywood movie. Not only does this activity build your teamwork skills, but it can also be a great way to practice leadership, as it will teach you to motivate and instruct a group of people, which can be good practice in both the workplace and daily life.

Alternatively, if you are concerned about the Paintball gun, a Gel blaster can be used as a safer method, and it is less messy! Paintball is great, but getting hurt is not. There are options for you to choose from.

Escape Rooms
Escape rooms are another active form of entertainment derived from the exhilaration of movies and television shows. A recent trend in team-building and days out, escape rooms are interactive games where you must race against the clock to solve puzzles and ‘escape’ from the rooms you are trapped within. Charlotte Escape Rooms seek to give you just that experience, with a range of different themes from a hostage situation to a museum heist.

These type of experiences are incredibly beneficial to your team bonding as, to succeed, you will have to work together to decode puzzles and work towards a common goal. These can be perfect for a girls’ weekend away too as they give an unusual twist to your usual break, and may even be perfect for a first date.

Treasure Hunts
Treasure hunts are the staple of team-building exercises, allowing a group to work together to find clues or prizes. Return to your childhood by setting up your own treasure hunt in a nearby park or even around your garden, then lay out clues and watch everyone run around decoding them. Treasure hunts have been popular with corporate team building activities for a long time, and for a good reason. They help increase your independent thought processes and problem-solving, and even though there is room for a competitive streak, these activities encourage teamwork to combine clues and ideas. If you are looking at these for a corporate event, there are many treasure hunt themed activities available online.

A favorite of hen dos and birthday parties, go-karting makes a fun day out with friends, giving you the opportunity for friendly competition and a different experience from the day-to-day. Although go-karting seems to be a male-dominated sport, there are many female drivers currently racing and getting into the industry more and more. What better way to follow in their footsteps than to try it out for yourself!

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