Fun Budget-Friendly Summer Vacation Ideas

Summer should be all about taking a vacation because we know you deserve it and the weather is perfect everywhere around this time. And while the timing may be perfect, vacations can get expensive. But you shouldn’t have to table a vacation until next year just because it may seem out of your budget range. There are many ways to travel and even some local destinations that are budget-friendly and which will still give you all the relaxation and benefits of the vacation of your dreams. 

Many people think that the ideal vacation needs to be thousands of miles away from home or somewhere beach-y and tropical when, in reality, as long as you post an out-of-the-office away message, turn your phone on silent and escape to a new environment, you could experience the same euphoria you get during any other vacation. In this guide, we will share some of the most budget-friendly vacation destinations and techniques that will allow you to unplug, recharge and relax. And don’t forget to pack cute vacation outfits — even if you aren’t going far. 

Budget-Friendly Local Travel 

If your budget only allows for a local staycation or getaway, that is totally okay! This option may be the most budget-friendly and convenient, but it will still offer you so many benefits. 

Plan a Staycation

Do you want to escape for a weekend? A staycation may be best. Check out local hotels in your area that offer you the amenities you need; for example, a pool, spa, gym or nice restaurants. You will save money and time on travel while still being able to relax and switch up your day-to-day scenery. 

Play Tourist in Your Own City

Do you live in a big city or near one that you don’t get to slow down and enjoy often? If so, maybe it’s time to play tourist in your own city. You can book a hotel in a different part of town or in the city center to create the feeling of getting away. Then, fill your itinerary with things you would love to see and try new cuisines! Pack your favorite plus size maxi dresses so that you feel confident and beautiful as you enjoy your city. 

Budget-Friendly Travel in the U.S. 

If you want to get out of your city, and you have a little more budget for things like travel and lodging, here are some of the top destinations in the U.S. that are budget-friendly and easy to get to. Don’t worry! You can still plan to pack gorgeous plus size swimwear as you can still land a tropical vacation without going abroad! 

  • Destin, Fla. – If you want a relaxing tropical vacation without breaking the bank, head to Destin, Fla. The beaches are beautiful and travel and lodging are relatively cheap. 
  • Grand Teton National Park, Wyo. – Is your idea of a vacation seeing nature and going on long walks or hikes? Pack your bags for Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Lodging and travel to the area are relatively inexpensive, depending on your current location.
  • Myrtle Beach, S.C. – If you want a cheap and fun family getaway spot, Myrtle Beach should be on your list. Not only are there 60 miles of beaches, but local attractions make this a great vacation spot for families. 
  • The Grand Canyon, Ariz. – Get away to a remote location when you visit The Grand Canyon. Not only is this a bucket list destination, but surrounding hotels can be affordable and perfect for a solo retreat where you can unwind and relax.
  • Portland, O.R. – If you need a unique destination that has an equal amount of upscale shopping and local boutiques, Portland may be the spot for you. You will enjoy nature and city life in Portland, which can be refreshing.

Budget-Friendly International Travel 

Does your budget allow you to get out of the States on a budget? If so, here are some of the top destinations that are budget-friendly and worth your time! Keep in mind that while these locations may be on the cheaper end of your budget, the airfare will probably end up being the most expensive part of your trip. 

  • Peru – Is your idea of relaxation scaling mountains and exploring new cities? Peru may be your destination of choice. You can stay longer than a week for an affordable rate. Enjoy local attractions like Machu Picchu. 
  • Thailand – While airfare may cost a little more to go to Thailand, your money will go a long way once you are there. Try new cuisines and enjoy a tropical getaway that’s definitely Insta-worthy.
  • Bali – Similarly to Thailand, you will pay quite a bit for airfare, but once you arrive, you can do so much with a tiny budget. You can island-hop, eat and explore on a small budget. 
  • Greece – Depending on which Greek island you choose, Greece is a beautiful destination that is affordable to experience — once you get past the airfare. Greece is also full of historic opportunities. So if you’re a history buff, this may be your vacation.
  • Cancun – Plan an all-inclusive trip to Cancun to maximize your travel budget and relaxation. Out of all of the international destinations, airfare will be much cheaper. This is the best place to get a tropical vacation on a budget. 
  • Book a Cruise – Most people may think a cruise is expensive when, in fact, cruises are pretty affordable and they give you a way to see multiple destinations and meet new people. 

What are you waiting for? Start planning that budget-friendly vacation that you deserve! 

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