Gabby Douglas, Chloe Grace Moretz & Gabourey Sidibe Join Female Mentorship Campaign


Most of us know the power of having a positive mentor in our lives. For those who have never considered it, or are looking for the person who can come alongside them in life and guide them through the most important moments, this campaign is for you. Allergan’s #ActuallySheCan campaign has been busy in the female empowerment world, beginning with a campaign featuring actress Lea Michele.

They have also been supporting up-and-coming female filmmakers with their Tribeca Film Festival initiative featuring celebrity ambassador Patricia Arquette. This time around they want to share stories from celebrities about female mentorship and why it has been a valuable relationship in their lives.

Launched on October 11 which was also International Day of the Girl, this initiative features 5 notable women who share how their own mentor has guided them with advice on careers, relationships, health, and more.


Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas talks about her sister Arielle Hawkings, actress Gabourey Sidibe shares advice from Lisa Cortes, the award-winning producer on ‘Precious’, actress Chloe Grace Moretz talks about her mother Teri, supermodel Iman gets together with her mentor and fashion activist Bethann Hardison, and journalist, writer and photographer Amanda DeCadanet is featured alongside her oldest daughter Atlanta who is a model.

Beautiful portraits of each pair were taken by fashion photographer duo Inez and Vinoodh to compliment a series of videos with each celebrity, interviewed by Amanda DeCadanet.


Gabourey Sidibe said Lisa Cortes helped her find her voice and raise it without fear, especially when it came to her first directing experience.

“She was the first person I hired to produce my film because she’s so unafraid and I knew that I still was. I knew that if there was anyone who I could trust to protect my voice, because she’s so staunch about protecting her own, it was Lisa,” she said.

Iman tells Amanda that she and Bethann have been best friends since 1976, and have experienced, families, children, divorce, businesses and much more together.

“Always know your worth,” was the best advice Iman was given, and as one of the world’s most successful supermodels with her own makeup line, clearly this is something she has lived by.


Gymnast Gabby Douglas says she wants to inspire girls, and is mindful especially of the words she uses to encourage them with.

“I’m grateful to have this platform where I get to share my message and pour out into other girls. I had a hard time growing up in gymnastics, it was definitely tough. But to share encouraging words along to other girls, I love to do that,” she said.

She goes on to say how much of a mental sport gymnastics is, and having sadly experienced racism during both the 2012 and 2016 Olympics, it’s not wonder being mentally tough is important for her.

Actress Chloe Grace Moretz counts her mother and her role model and mentor, and says she is the reason she is such a strong feminist today.


“I was raised by a single mom and feminist to me was just equality. Feminism to me was my four older brothers never looking at me differently. It was them letting me play basketball with them…I think it gets a bad rap, that word, especially kids my age,” she explained.

Throughout each of these interviews it is clear the effect the transformative power of mentorship has had in their lives. It is so easy to feel different, ostracized, marginalized, or “other” in a society that still sees conforming to a status quo as the benchmark of success.

Actually She Can hopes that girls and women watching these videos and hearing the stories will be inspired to carve out space for mentorship in their own lives. Whether it be seeking someone who you can lean on for advice, or being a role model to someone younger than you. Each of us has the power to impact someone in a powerful, transformative way.

To find out more about this campaign, go to the Actually She Can mentorship homepage.


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