Get Familiar With ‘GRLPWR Gang’ – A Collective Supporting Creative Women & Female Empowerment


Given that we are a site named GirlTalkHQ, as if we could pass up the opportunity to fangirl over a female collective called GRL PWR Gang. They are a group of UK women who came together and launched on International Women’s Day this year with a mission to support female artists, filmmakers, fashionistas and game-changers in the creative world. This is not just an organization using the terms “girl power” or feminism as a buzzword, they are on a mission to give a fresh perspective on the female empowerment movement that is happening around the world today.

The collective plans to hold special events and create branded projects to promote their message, as well as encourage the next generation of girls to use their creative skills to forge new career paths. The topics they cover in their workshops include body image, beauty, feminism, careers and social media. They hope they will be able to provide mentorship to girls when it comes to navigating these issues as they grow into adulthood.

GRL PWR Gang was founded by Kylie Griffiths, who is a London-based DJ, fashion editor at VICE UK, and a model, and Kirsti Hadley, a Brighton-based marketing consultant, talent manager, writer, and event company founder. They have quite an eclectic group of creative women in their ranks so far, including Brit “It” girl and model Felicity Hayward.

In a cultural climate where hostility and competition are fierce, especially on social media where it’s easy to cultivate girl-on-girl hate and contribute to cyber bullying, this gang is an embodiment of the “you CAN sit with us” mentality which fosters support, friendship, positivity, and discussion about issues important to women.


In an interview with The 405, Kirsti and Kylie chat about the formation of the GRL PWR Gang, their upcoming events, and why they feel strongly about their mission. The two girls met through work, as Kylie was being managed by Kirsti’s agency for her DJ bookings, and they both soon realized they shared the same passions.

“We have really similar tastes but different skill sets so we both feel really strongly about girl to girl niceness and supporting one another within the creative industries,” said Kirsti.

Kylie added that they chose to focus on the creative world, as opposed to other industries, because they both are familiar with the landscape.

“I felt like we could help other women within these industries as it’s the area we have the most knowledge in. We are not opposed to expanding at some point but we wanted to start with what we were most familiar in, and support our peers that we work with,” she said.

The duo also told Wonderland Magazine around the same time of their launch that they felt there was a space missing in the creative industry that specifically exists to support women.


“We wanted to create a support network for freelance women making waves in the creative industries, then we wanted to pass on our collective knowledge and experience to the next generation of creatives and finally we wanted to inspire girls to be feminists and girl power just sounds a lot more man friendly and fun but essentially means exactly the same thing,” said Kirsti.

By creating branded projects and teaming up with big names like Nike, Smashbox Cosmetics and Baby-G, the Gang has a prime opportunity to take their girl power message to a much bigger audience, and tap into the empowerment momentum we are seeing in advertising. Brands like Always, Dove, Under Armour and many more are recognizing how much more valuable and powerful it is when you market to women and focus on the positive, rather than take advantage of their low self-esteem.

“We are currently collaborating with the clothing brand Local Heroes on a capsule GRLPWR Gang range and we are donating all of our profits to the Polish feminist charity Feminoteka,” said the girls, giving an example of the reach of this type of initiative.

The Gang has a very active social media audience and use that as a way to engage with girls who are their target reach. The recognize how important it is to have a supportive and empowering presence on a medium that can be the cause of so much negativity.


“Social media and the culture of celebrity has created a huge amount of pressure on younger girls. Which is another reason we wanted  to create GRL PWR so that we could create a space where girls could be whoever they want and support each other in that. The culture of today is so different to when I was younger that I think young girls have so many platforms to get influenced by, which creates much more pressure that there used to be,” Kylie told Wonderland.

Wanna know why we love this GRL PWR Gang? Because it’s what we want to see more of in the world. When women come together and support one another, despite our differences, we can do powerful things and even change the world. These girls plan to expand across the UK and around the world, so if you are reading this and are inspired by what they are doing, that’s your cue to join the movement and creative a collective that supports women and girls in an area you feel passionate about.

Sheryl Sandberg has been doing it for the corporate women, Ashley Graham has been doing it in the modeling world, and Geena Davis has been carrying the flag for diversity in film. With the GRL PWR Gang heralding a new wave of millennial influencers coming together to inspire each other, we can’t help but feel this is one bandwagon we aren’t ashamed to jump on immediately.

To find out what girl power means to each of the members, watch the video they made with Wonderland Magazine below:





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