Get Familiar With Three Of The Best Female Furniture Designers In The Biz

Furniture designers may not get the same headlines and fame as the top clothing and handbag designers, but there are plenty of great names to check out. Furniture is the perfect opportunity for designers to let their creative side out, with no limits as to what is possible. Interior design is such a varied industry, with different people interested in diverse ideas. Designers can choose to be slick and trendy, or go for something totally unique and quirky. Looking at the work of some of the best female furniture designers ever could inspire other women to follow suit.

Some Incredible Designers in the Business

When looking at female furniture designers, there really is something to suit everyone. The great thing about these household decorations is they can reflect the personality of the creator. For instance, the French designer, Charlotte Perriand, had an instantly recognizable and simple style. She famously earned a job at Le Corbusier’s Studio after working on a rooftop bar for the 1927 Salon d’Automne. The late Paris-born Perriand was also an architect and had a great influence on both industries.

Another one of the best-known names of all time in the design space was Gabriella Crespi. During the Italian’s long and fruitful career, she worked on more than 2000 pieces. Her trademark style was to take everyday objects and add additional functions, effectively changing the way they looked and could be used.

Ray Eames is often credited with some of the most groundbreaking leaps forward in design and can be considered one of the wonder women of yesteryear. She was a big promoter of things having to function well first and look good second. Eames’ business is still fully operational to this day, and some of her best-regarded work can be made to order.

How Can Beginners Make Their Own Quirky Furniture?

If you feel like you want to pay homage to your favorite furniture designer, or simply put something quirky together yourself, having the right equipment is key. Anyone can procure pieces of wood these days from home stores, and the tools needed to cut and sand them down are easy to come by as well. A strong sealant is recommended in order to hold the pieces of wood together before drilling the screws in and brands such Pattex have a range of these that can be used to reliably assemble furniture.

Once you have all the materials, there are plenty of videos online that teach people exactly how to design and build their own furniture. You could choose a step-by-step guide first, or simply go for it on your own.

Looking through collections from some of the best designers can be a great way to get the creative juices flowing and motivate you to do something too. Designing your own furniture can be very rewarding. If you’re interested in furniture design, be sure to start by getting inspired by some of the best women in the business.