Getting To Know Your Ancestry With DNA Test Kits

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If you’re reading this now because you’re not sure about your ancestry or if you’ve always had a doubt about your roots, this article will not only provide a solution to your problem but also allay your fears of not knowing exactly who you are. If you’re also here to learn, grab a cup of coffee and have a good read!

The coolest part of the secret to be revealed is that you can do all these at the comfort of your home. Sounds interesting, right? Great! But, before we talk about knowing your ancestry with DNA Kits, let’s talk about why you need a DNA Ancestry Test.

Why Do You Need A DNA Ancestry Test?

It’s okay to be inquisitive about your origin, especially when you come from a long family tree that becomes very difficult to trace. This may be as a result of changes that have occurred over the years as well as the movement of your ancestors from place to place. 

It’s a common thing for people to move from place to place when they’re seeking a better life, better education, improved standard of living and just anything to make their life better. However, this is the major cause of problems relating to ancestry even though it’s a part of life every human has to pass through.

Even with the advent of technology, who would ever have thought that a day like this, where you’ll be able to sit back at the comfort of your home and take a DNA ancestry test would be so easy? Your guess is as good as mine!

What You Should Know About DNA Testing

You might have heard some things about DNA testing and you aren’t sure if they were true or not. Here are some basic facts about DNA testing you should know

  • Getting your result with DNA Testing takes a minimum of 21 to 56 days 
  • Your DNA data can be exchanged for monetary gains when it is used for health research.
  • Finding your lost relatives becomes easier with DNA testing
  • Your DNA data is well protected and can not be distributed or used without your consent.

How It Works

How do you get started in unraveling the mystery behind your very existence? It’s pretty simple.

The first thing, to begin with, is to research the best DNA companies in terms of reliability and confidentiality. Settle for the best and follow the next procedure.

The next thing is for you to answer a simple questionnaire. After this, you’ll be given instruction on how to collect your DNA sample, register your DNA kit and return it to the company. 

After all the above process, your impending results will be explained to you. Your results should be out in a few weeks after following the guide and sending your DNA sample to the company. Yippe! Unraveling the mystery to your ancestry is that easy and simple!. 

Types of DNA Test

DNA Tests are carried out for different reasons and this is why there are 3 major types of DNA tests. 

  • Autosomal DNA, also known as the DNA ethnicity test, is used to trace your ethnicity. With the Autosomal DNA test, you can discover your four or fifth cousins and also find out your hundredth or thousandth generation. Awesome, right?
  • Y-DNA is widely known as paternity test. The  “Y symbolises the male chromosome and you can detect how closely related you are to someone that shares the same surname with you.
  • The mtDNA, also known as the mitochondrial DNA is used to get information on your origin from your mother’s side. It can be used to trace the ancestry of over 10,000 years ago.

Things To Watch Out For Before Choosing A DNA Test Company

  1. Be sure to take note of the waiting days before using a DNA Test Company as you may be required to wait longer than expected, depending on how urgent  you need it.
  2. Find out the method used in sample collection to ensure it’s painless and as easy as possible.  Spit sample or skin sample are mostly used by majority of these companies because they easier and painless.
  3. To avoid frustration or waste of time, look for companies that are flexible in their requirements to avoid the hassle of looking for information that may not be readily available or not available at all. For instance, you may be asked to provide some details of your parents that are long dead. How will you get such information if there are no records?.
  4. Ensure your DNA results will be easily accessible by the company for analysis by using a company with easier means such as a pre-addressed envelope.
  5. For privacy protection, ensure to check the company’s privacy policy to avoid issues that may arise with the use of your DNA data. Doing this will let you find out the kind of company you’re dealing with.  
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