Gisele Bundchen Brings Hope To Youtube Makeup Artist & Cancer Patient


Imagine having a surprise visit by supermodel Gisele Bundchen at Christmas, where she comes to hang out with you for the day and you do super fun girly things like each other’s makeup and eat food. Well for one young lucky teen, this actually happened for her over the holidays!

Karina Xavier is a 15 year old youtube vlogger, and cancer patient. She is originally from Brazil, like Bundchen, but now resides in Boston with her family, also like Bunchen, her quarterback husband Tom Brady and their two children Benjamin, 5, and Vivian, 1. Karina was diagnosed with bone cancer which started in her leg at the age of 12 and first met Gisele, who was just named the new face of Pantene, at a Jimmy Fund charity event 2 years ago while undergoing treatment at a cancer center.

This brave young patient was in remission from the cancer up until a month ago, when she learned it had sadly returned. The cancer is in her lungs and behind her knee. Gisele’s sister Patricia, and Karina’s mother Daniele were corresponding by social media and decided to organize a surprise visit with Gisele to cheer up the beauty blogger, who has her own website called Chic by Karina.

Gisele turned up at Karina’s house on Thursday, December 26th just as the makeup artist aficionado was getting ready for an appointment.


“I was just getting ready to go to the hospital, and she came in my door to my room, and said ‘Hi!’ and gave me a hug,” Moreria told People magazine.

Karina and Gisele spent the day hanging out like girlfriends and it really put a smile on the young cancer patient’s face. “She brought beauty products for me, and I used them to do makeup on her,” said Moreira. “I did her makeup and she did mine. She’s really good.”

Before she left, Bundchen was clearly touched by Karina’s composure and strength throughout her ordeal and encouraged her to keep going.

“She said that you have to be really positive, and I agree with her,” said Moreira.

On her own Instagram account, the supermodel wrote: “It was a pleasure to see you again Chic by Karina. You are a warrior, an inspiration of positivity and courage, I will be praying for you. Sending you love and light always.”

Karina doesn’t plan on giving up on her makeup tutorials any time soon, not even hospital visits or a remission diagnosis can stop her. She uses her videos to inspire other girls about beauty from within, and show them how to find confidence.


“I just want to say I’m going to try the hardest to make videos. I’ll be doing videos in the car with no makeup on,” she said as she thanked her loyal fans. “I’m going to continue following my dreams as you guys should also follow your dreams. And even if I have to do videos in the hospital, I will still continue doing it because I love you.”

“[Girls] look in the mirror and they don’t think they’re beautiful, and I just want to help girls see the inner beauty,” said Moreira.

After the best day of her life, Karina posted this sweet message and pictures of Gisele on her Instagram account:

“From the moment you surprised me, until the moment you left, I was so shocked for you being here with me! Thank you so much for taking time off of your day to come visit me and spend some time with me! Also thank you for your kind words and your very meaningful gifts! You are a great person and you will continue inspiring me. I love you @giseleofficial.

What a wonderful way to use your celebrity status, to brighten a young girl’s day. Thank you Gisele for proving you are more than just a million dollar body with a million dollar face! And to Karina, you are a true warrior, and inspiration to many other young women in the world. Your positivity despite a horrible circumstance shows the strength that exists in the human spirit.


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