Gisele Bundchen “Our Imperfections Are What Makes Us Unique & Beautiful”


Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen may have just been names the world’s most powerful and highest earning clothes horse, but don’t hate on her just yet ladies! While she was just named the world’s most powerful model according to Forbes Magazine she has certainly worked hard for it, earning a cool $250 million over the past ten years. She is set to become the world’s first Supermodel billionaire in the not to distant future it seems!

But she wasn’t always a favorite. In fact celebrated fashion photographer Mario Testino told the press last year how NO ONE wanted to work with Gisele when she was starting out, and that he took a real risk by choosing her for his shoots. It seems people thought her nose was too big, she was too tall, she didn’t look right etc etc. Good thing she never listened to the negative critics and persevered on ahead.

Well she continues to be a pioneer in her field in a way that will hopefully inspire many girls in the world, models or not. She has been speaking out about the use of photoshop and is urging more people in the fashion industry to use less and less of it in their campaigns. Gisele is a big supporter of natural beauty and wanting to portray a realistic image on the page of a magazine.

The Brazilian beauty’s latest campaign is with BLK DNM apparel and she has ensured that she looks as natural as physically possible. Working closely with Swedish designer Johan Lindeberg they came up with the idea to go for more of a natural look on Gisele. The shoot was done in 2 hours, and they did it without much hair and makeup.


“I loved his approach because I feel like women should be really real and raw and it doesn’t really happen anymore [in fashion photographs],” she said. “I love that feeling of, you know, we are women, we are so different, our imperfections are what make us unique and beautiful. He gets that. He’s not trying to retouch you or put a pretty light on you. He’s not like ‘you gotta look a certain way.’ He’s like, ‘you are you’ so now I’m gonna just be here with a camera, so express yourself how you like.”

While it’s easy for someone as stunningly and sickeningly gorgeous as Gisele freaking Bundchen to forego makeup and promote a more natural look, we admire that someone as powerful as her is using her voice and status to try and make a change in her industry. The fashion industry is a huge marketing tool to make us consumers buy a product. So wouldn’t we want to be sold something that is realistic as opposed to fake?

We are excited to see picture of the new shoot and hope more creative directors in fashion will follow suit. Less photoshop, less airbrushing, less fake-ness, and more of the real stuff. Real women, real personalities, real flaws and real messages.

Do you think the fashion industry needs a huge overhaul of how they present certain images of women in campaigns? Are you glad Gisele Bundchen is sick of photoshopping and using her opportunities to try and change the industry trends?



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