Glamour’s Women Of The Year Awards Highlights Revolutionary Women


This week Glamour Magazine held their annual Women Of The Year Awards at Carnegie Hall in New York and honored a group of revolutionary women who have changed their world in various ways.

Hilary Clinton presented the Couple of the Year award to Gabrielle Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly, who work tirelessly campaigning for tighter gun laws after Gabby was shot in the head during a rally in Arizona in 2011 when she was the congresswoman for that state.


Girls star Lena Dunham presented the Woman of the Year award to Melinda Gates who, together with her husband & Microsoft creator Bill Gates are the biggest philanthropic couple on the planet. Melinda is passionate about empowering youth to seek out their potential, and find ways that they can make a difference in the world.

In an emotional point during the event, Kaitlin Roig-Debellis, a fifth grade teacher from Sandy Hook Elementary, Connecticut who survived the horrific shooting at the school, stood on stage as she was honored, and spoke about how the tragedy affected her. Because of her quick thinking and protection, she was able to save her entire class of children! Since the shooting she has started her own charity called Classes for Classes which encourages other students to pay it forward to other students in need, and show them that they should connected as a community, rather than separate students from different schools. How inspiring to see a woman who has been through such agony and grief to rise above it and be able to use that as a way to create positive change.


One of the highlights of the night was Lady Gaga’s speech. She was named as Glamour Magazine’s Woman Of The Year recently and she said in an interview that her ambition isn’t to rule the world but to change it. She even boldly spoke out about the use of excessive photoshop in her cover photo as she wants to promote more inclusivity. She also revealed that activism has become her true passion, saying “What I’m really best at is seeing the potential in other people.”

The other highlight was of course having young female revolutionary Malala Yousafzai address the crowd. Even Lady Gaga admitted during her speech that the magazine cover should’ve featured Malala instead, for her passionate work to promote girls’ education.


Barbara Streisand received the Lifetime Achievement award, and as she accepted her award and made her speech, Babs mentioned how much we need more women in office, including a female president! She is a huge advocate for women’s healthcare, especially heart disease which is the number one killer of women in the United States.

She closed the awards with a poignant speech, with words that resembled more of a call to action to women everywhere, as opposed to just flowery thank-you’s. She spoke about fashion, politics, and gender equality, but ended it with something we hope will inspire girls everywhere.

“The world is waiting to hear from you. You are the women we are waiting for.”

So what will you do today to make a difference? You don’t need to be a celebrity, you don’t have to rally against a terrorist group, you don’t even have to have gone through an intense tragedy. Just be you, find what your passion is and use that to be an agent of change.


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