‘The Goddess Project’: A Documentary Encouraging Women To Shine


Last month we shared an awesome video called ‘Shine‘ which saw a group of women shed their inhibitions and clothes in the name of confidence and body positivity. The result was a photo shoot where each woman realized their worth didn’t come from any narrow-minded media messages, but from their own unique qualities.

The team behind that video, Sara Landas and Holli Rae, have been busy filmmakers, because Shine wasn’t just a one off for them. Two years ago they started making a feature length documentary called ‘The Goddess Project’ which saw them embark on a cross country journey around the United States, interviewing women from all walks of life who wanted to share their stories.

In 2012 they successfully raised over $10,00 from a Kickstarter campaign which helped fun the filming journey. Now that they have finished filming, they have launched another Kickstarter to fund the completion of the film to get it out to the masses.

“This film presents an intimate look at the universal concerns that we face as women through groundbreaking dialogue about [topics such as] body image, the media, sexuality, and overcoming your fears. We interviewed artists, mothers, healers, businesswomen and scholars about the life-changing experiences that shaped them to become who they are today,” they say on the campaign page.

“By sharing the stories of over 100 women in the same film, we aim to bridge the gaps that separate us from one another and show the infinite possibilities that exist when you step into your own power.”

The women they interviewed were musicians, professors, artists, therapists, mothers, and more. Over the past two years, they have edited 300 hours of footage, and now are looking to crowd-fund animation, sound design, mastering, marketing, and distribution. It is not easy to get a feature-length film out to the public, which is why Kickstarter and other crowd-funding platforms have become so instrumental in helping many women finish their projects.

We’ve seen how it helped The Empowerment Project documentary go from a dream to a film that will now impact the futures of girls all across America.

So why should you contribute to helping finish this inspiring film? Because films become an important part of our culture and influence us in so many ways, so why not have more content out there which empowers women?

“Movies play a huge role in shaping culture and we need more films that educate and empower women rather than perpetuating negative stereotypes and limiting beliefs. ‘The Goddess Project’ is more than just a film, it is a movement to inspire women of all ages to join together, share their stories, and create space for infinite possibilities.”

If there was ever a time to make an impact with the click of a button, it is now. You may not be the aspiring filmmaker, but if you are craving more films, TV shows, and online content that can actually make a difference in the lives of women, then contributing to ‘The Goddess Project’ is a small step forward.

We can’t always rely on the big networks and production companies to give us what we need, there are times when everyday women and men step up to the plate and become creators themselves. Round of applause to Sara and Holli for daring to step out, spend 6 months in a bus living off canned food for the sake of a film which, if it at least helps one person change their life for the better, has achieved what it set out to do.



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