Going From Simple To Glam With These Easy Tips

If you are are heading out on a date, going to prom or planning for your upcoming holiday party, looking your best is undoubtedly your top priority. If you have decided on a dress that makes you look exquisite, glamming up your look is key to achieving a fabulous ensemble. Instead of relying on your go-to makeup routine or accessories, here are some tips you can follow to introduce an edge to your personal style that will glam up your look.

Add Jewelry

Owning a piece of jewelry like a charm bracelet that can go with any outfit or layered necklaces that can truly be a glamorous yet simple addition to your outfit. Experiment with different types of necklaces depending on the neckline of your dress or shirt. Invest in a few statement and minimalist jewelry pieces, which are versatile and elegant, as they will go a long way. Making a statement with some chandelier or hoop earrings with surely help you stand out.

Heavy Eye Makeup

Sure, a minimal and natural makeup look is in trend and something you’d prefer. But if you are looking for that chic factor to stand out, a heavy eye makeup will do wonders. Glitz it up with matching eye shadows or a little shimmer, or go for that bold, smoky eye look. Keep the rest of the makeup minimal to draw focus on your eyes. Pair it with nude lips and a light foundation to complete the look.

High Heeled Shoes

Nothing is sexier than a pair of pointy pumps. Shoes with high heels boost your confidence and take extra inches off your lower body, giving you a slimmer silhouette. A good pair of high heels can uplift the plainest outfit and endorse an overall sophisticated look. Ditch your sneakers and flats for a night and get set to make a statement with your shoes.


Accessories are like icing on the cake. They can instantly elevate a look from simple to glam. Accessories such as scarves and handbags are yet other additions that can add a touch of fun and uplift your mood. A trendy floral scarf on a plain or light outfit will set you apart. Carrying a handbag or a clutch works with both, day and night outings, and adds to the glam. You have the freedom of choosing from a wide range of handbags with different textures, shapes, sizes, and colors, every piece working as a transition between your outfits.

Style Your Hair

A majority of your look will be determined by how you wear your hair. Getting heavier on the outfit and makeup and not caring much about the hairstyle is going to dissipate all your efforts. The hair guides and tips from HairyCarrie.com suggest how investing in a few good tools to glam up your hair at home can give you a professionally styled look. They also suggest a number of charming, but easy hairstyles you can practice at home, so you can choose the one that suits best. A good hairstyle can flatter your face. If you are not confident in using tools at home or fear screwing up your hair, it is better to visit a salon and get your hair styled by a hairdresser. He will not only do it with perfection, but also suggest the type of hair style that you could pull off effortlessly.


Sunglasses are vital when you need to attend a day event. Apart from providing a sharp look, these protect your eyes from harmful sun rays, which is why you should always sport them outdoors. Good sunglasses can define the shape of your face, making it look more symmetrical. Choose the right shape and size according to your face type to instantly make you more attractive. Sunglasses cover your eyes and thus hide your emotions, giving you a ‘mysterious’ look. They surely give you the desired confident and poised look.

Treat Your Skin Well

Taking care of your skin and keeping it supple will naturally give you a glow and a shiny texture. Apply fruit packs or get face facial, days prior to the event. You can also try natural and home remedies to replenish dullness and eliminate spots or blemishes on your face. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated, which will make your skin supple and radiant. Eating right can also provide necessary nutrients and vitamins to improve your skin quality. Adding lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet is necessary. If you have good skin, you would need less makeup, further protecting it from damage.

Apply Red Lipstick

With good skin and light makeup, it is important to redirect focus to your face. So if you are not wearing a heavy eye makeup, switch to red lipstick. Red lips are the epitome of glamour and boldness. Make sure to choose your shade of red to complement your skin tone. If not tested beforehand, it can be a complete mess. If you wear red lipstick almost all the time, you can replace it with a hot pink shade or a crazier shade of tangerine. Basically, a pop of color can add lots of glam. Add some highlighter on your cheekbones and mascara to complete the look.

Lastly, make sure to not overdo it. Focus on one area of your entire ensemble and glam it up. If you prefer jewelry, stack it, but keep the rest of your dressing minimal. If you like to go heavy on your makeup, focus on one area such as your eyes or your lips. Too much jewelry or too much makeup is a huge no. You can also look for a few styling tips from your experienced friends to get it right.

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