Goodbye Unrealistic Barbie, Hello More Appropriate American Girl Doll


Well it was bound to happen, and it couldn’t have come any sooner! There’s no need to continue debating whether Barbie’s unrealistic proportions are harming our youth or presenting unattainable body images, because the masses have spoken.

According to a press release from toy giant Mattel, American Girl Dolls are now outselling Barbie! Mattel said last Wednesday its second-quarter net income fell 24 percent, hurt by a continued slide in Barbie sales. It was the fourth straight quarter of sales declines for Barbie, one of Mattel’s biggest and most iconic brands, and Mattel executives said their Monster High and other girls doll lines were likely taking away some sales from the 54-year-old fashion doll.

The American Girl sales were up 14%, where are Barbie’s sales declined 12 percent in the latest quarter. However, the plastic doll is still their biggest seller, although going forward another few years this may change.

Jane Martinson from The Guardian says American Girl dolls are more wholesome than Barbie, and have an empowering message for young girls too.

“American Girl was dreamed up by the fabulously named teacher Pleasant Rowland in 1986 as a way to portray different ethnicities and aspects of American history. Each doll had a little book that dealt with topics such as race, poverty and even child abuse.”

To have a doll that is both popular, exciting, and educational in a fun way for young girls is a great thing. Enough of the toys that condition our children to develop body insecurities and eating disorders. It’s time there was something ingrained into them from their early years about the things women can achieve because of what they possess inside, not focus on externals.

American Girl


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