Gospel Singer & ‘Overcomer’ Reaches No.1 With Music Video Feat. Robin Roberts & Gabby Giffords


Gospel singer Mandisa has just released her new album titled ‘Overcomer’ which went to debuted at no.1 on the Christian charts! The Christian Music industry is one of America’s biggest genres so that achievement right there is pretty massive.

The three-time Grammy Nominee was a guest on Fox and Friends morning television show this week, welcoming former ‘The View’ co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck on her first day at her new gig.

Mandisa spoke to the show about why she chose the name and theme of the album, saying ‘Overcomer’ was written as a way to give strength to a friend of hers who was going through cancer treatment. This friend of hers was also pregnant at the time, so you can only imagine what a time of heartache this would’ve been.

Don’t we all wish we had Grammy-caliber friends who could write us a song or two when we were feeling down? Yes please!

The music video for her title single from the album is one that will inspire you and recognize how strong and resilient the human spirit is. It features Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts, Former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and Olympic Gold Medal Ice Skater Scott Hamilton. The video shows footage of Roberts going through chemotherapy, after her recent admission of breast cancer, and her first day back on the morning TV show.

We also get to see how Giffords, who was shot in the head at a rally in 2011 in Tucson, recover from surgery and eventually heal enough to speak in front of crowds and at congress again, showing that a gunshot wound to the head is not going to stop her from living her life.

“We chose each of them because when we thought of who has been an example of an overcomer in a very public battle, it is hard to imagine anyone more appropriate than the amazing people in my video. They have all fought, and continue to fight victoriously. I pray that sharing their inspirational stories throughout the video will leave people saying, ‘If they can do it, so can I!'” Mandisa said in a press release.

“I was really inspired by Mandisa’s song ‘Overcomer’ because its message is one of hope, perseverance and faith,” said Gabby Giffords in a statement about the song. “We can’t always control what happens to us in life, but we can control how we respond. Like the song says, if we keep positive and ‘stay in the fight till the final round,’ we can overcome more than we ever dreamed possible.”

Mandisa is no stranger to overcoming a battle herself. She first appeared as a contestant on season 5 of American Idol, which Fox and friends showed footage of. Apparently judge Simon Cowell made fun of her weight on national Television, and ironically, it was Hasselbeck who the next day, on The View, tore him apart for focusing on her physical appearance instead of her voice. But it was an eye opener for Mandisa who says it forced her to change her lifestyle and get healthy.

She is a huge fan of Zumba, which she wasn’t afraid to demonstrate to the Fox and Friends hosts.

We love stories like this, of artists and celebrities who use their platform to inspire and enlighten people about an important message. We challenge you to watch the music video below and NOT cry.

“I recorded both the song and the album to fuel faith, empower people, and remind those facing a battle, that all of the strength, power, and weapons of warfare they need is readily available to them. We are all overcomers.” Amen to that sister!


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