Gucci’s Girl Power Hackathon Event Launching Women In Tech

Gucci Chime for Change

Gucci are venturing into the tech world ladies! Yep, their charity organization Chime for Change which was started by Beyonce, Gucci creative director Frida Giannini and Salma Hayek is not only operating in the fashion, celebrity and music realm, but wants to help women in the tech world too.

They have teamed up with TEDWomen, Women Who Code, Hearst Magazines and Twitter for an event on December 5th which will take place in San Francisco.

The event is called Chime Hack and they want girls to enter the three day event to create apps that will support women and girls. Girl Power! And just to put it into perspective, creating an app in 3 days is a monumental feat so the best of the best will be at the event, creating genius solutions no doubt for the global sisterhood. What a great way to encourage women to get involved in tech and make it their own. To become an applicant, click HERE.

“Chime Hack will celebrate the power of women in tech, and will connect the tech community to issue experts and non-profit organizations to identify ways for disruptive mobile app solutions to support girls and women globally.”

“Challenges for the hackathon will focus on Education, Health and Justice, as well as social entrepreneurship and encouraging girls and women to participate in tech fields.”

“The theme of TEDWomen 2013, “Invented Here,” – celebrating inventors and designers, thinkers and makers, local problem solvers and global leaders – coincides directly with the spirit behind Chime Hack,” the organization said in a press release this week.

Ainee Fatima

Chime for change doesn’t just work with big celebs, they are passionate about the grass roots movement of female activists out there. In the past they’ve teamed up with Ainee Fatima, the first Hijabi-wearing girl to ever be featured in Seventeen Magazine! She is a poet and social activist, especially passionate about empowering young Muslim women. This is something that every girl can get involved with and have the potential to have her voice heard on a world stage.

Chime hack aims to do this through tech, the fastest and most popular way of communicating on the planet today.

At the end of the weekend, the winner will be chosen by all applicants presenting their app in front of a panel of judges, followed by a closing ceremony. No word on whether any of the acts from the Sound of Change concert earlier this year will be present, Jlo, Madonna and Beyonce anyone?

So far, the campaign has raised $4.4 million to support more than 260 projects in 81 countries through 87 non-profit partners. Not bad for a bit of modern day girl power, eh? We love this organization and will continue to support they great work they do for women everywhere, in every sector.


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