Hair Loss Advice For Women & Reasons Why It Happens

If there is one thing that most people care about, it is how they look. For women especially, hair can become a defining feature that seems to be a global cultural trend, as outlines in this article. While the focus on outward appearances affect us all as humans, it is common knowledge that this disproportionately impacts women.

There are a lot of theories as to why this is the case. However, one of the main things is the patriarchal system that we still have today. Even if feminism has already taken strides in the treatment for females, there are still problems that exist concerning it.

There are a lot of reasons why hair is colloquially considered someone’s “crown”. It frames the face, makes it look narrower depending on the cut. When it comes to fashion and trendy looks, we all know how important hair is for the ultimate look, as this article points out:

Hair is often the first thing we notice about someone when we meet them for the first time. Unfortunately, many people can lose their hair overtime. It can be quite an issue, especially for women as reversing hair loss in females is always deemed impossible to solve. Society has also dictated that women should have longer hair to distinguish themselves from the men. And although we commonly think of men when we hear the phrase “hair loss”, here are some reasons why it happens to women: 

Genetics and Disorders

If your family’s lineage includes hair loss at a young age, then you can acquire this condition as well. The starting point may vary, but it would usually start in patches. This is especially true for teenagers, as hormones also play a role in hair loss. It can just stay in smaller circles around the head, but it can exacerbate to the point of losing the entire head overtime, added experts at PRP treatment in Sydney.

Several illnesses can lead to its sudden demise. Alopecia is one, as this is also a genetic issue. It can also be due to cancer, as one of the side effects of chemotherapy is losing one’s hair. Several other diseases can contribute to this, and it can be difficult to remedy because of its very nature. Issues regarding genetics are still out of science’s control but there are some ways that you can slow it down. 

Products Used

Another reason why you may experience hair loss is the type of products that you use. From shampoos, conditioners, hair relaxants, gels, and straightening products, be aware of how they can impact your hair growth overtime. It can be easily harmful especially to those who already have sensitive scalps. Check ingredients and do your research to know what you are putting on your hair and body.


Believe it or not, choosing the right hairstyle can make or break your locks. One of the worst examples is the tighter ones like ponytails. It can be problematic if you are doing it a little too tight. Doing an Ariana Grande-esque ponytail is great if it is just for a one time gig that you can learn from this page. When done every day, it can pull the hair against the scalp. This will cause ruptures of some of the follicles, and this is where hair loss starts to get serious. To combat hair loss, try a headband or a clip to keep your hair out of the way instead of pulling as hard on the follicles in a ponytail.


One of the most notable reasons for its loss though aside from genetics is stress. As we all know, stress can affect every single part of our life, but it can manifest itself in our bodies physically. The one part of our bodies that can get affected first is the hair.

It can lead to falling strands as most people find out in their early-to-late adulthood. Mitigating our stress levels then becomes a vital way of managing and preventing hair loss.


Lastly, age becomes an important factor. As we grow old, hair will naturally fall out because the follicles are weakening along with our bodies. Some people are lucky enough that they can still have a full mane at an advanced age. However, most are not that lucky and they would usually experience hair loss once they turn to the retirement age.

What Can You Do to Avoid It

This is the million-dollar question when it comes to hair loss, and it always concerns avoidance. As with age and genetics, you cannot avoid it as they are already a part of your DNA. The rest can still be remedied, as long as you are armed with the right knowledge of the following tips: 

Know If You Have A Sensitive Scalp

One of the most important things that you need to know first is the sensitivity of your scalp. If you already have sensitive skin, chances are your scalp is the same. It is important to choose milder products that do not have a lot of the more potent substances. For example, fragrance can be an egregious cause of irritating your scalp and this can cause the ultimate downfall.

Many are doing the try method for seeing whether the product would work for them. However, this can be quite costly. You can also visit a dermatologist first so that they can assess your scalp and give you more information.

Avoid Tight Hairstyles

Tight hairstyles can cause bad hair to fall out. Some women choose tight or high ponytails because it keeps the hair out of their face. It can be a problem once you do it often, as the results can range from frizzy hair to a weakening scalp. If you like a ponytail, make sure that the tie is closer to your neckline. You can try using clips or headbands as they are also quite effective. 

Avoid stress as much as possible.

Easier said than done, right? If you find yourself stressed all the time, then take a time out. Self-care, taking time out from work or a stressful situation and relaxation are key to minimizing stress levels. If you can find a way to relax once a day, it will not only help the growth of your hair and minimize stress, it will enhance your health overall.  

Use Anti-Hair Fall Products Or Undergo A Procedure

This is for those who are already feeling problematic about their hair issues. As we have mentioned before, you can always go to a dermatologist first and have your scalp checked out. There can be some underlying health concerns which need to be addressed first. It will always start with the hair follicles since this is where the roots are placed so that they would not move.

You can take a look into PRP injections or platelet-rich plasma. As you might already be aware, plasma in our blood helps with the clotting of wounds. It has a lot of compounds that can help revitalize the scalp.

If you want to use something natural, then you might want to shop at Sallybeauty and invest in something that has curcumin, turmeric, saw palmetto, and ashwagandha among others. They are substances that can help in mending the scalp and releasing the stress involved with it. It can also thicken the hairs so that it would look more vibrant and alive. 

On the other hand, hair loss can be due to a personal choice like bleaching and too much color. Your hair can still come back, especially if you remove all of those that were affected by the products. However, this can take a lot of time so you need to think about it first before doing anything with your mane.

When it comes to hair loss, some instances are out of our control like genetics and disease, but we can still influence its effects. You can start by living a healthy lifestyle and eating food rich with B vitamins especially B5. These are just small steps, but it can help your locks to still be thick even when you grow older. 

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