Halloween Costume Promoting Eating Disorders Needs To Be Banned!

Update: After this post was tweeted to Ricky’s Halloween Costumes they responded saying:


While most of the country is decorating for fall, going to pumpkin patches, sipping on their pumpkin spice latte (YUM!), it wouldn’t be fall without the festive Halloween costumes. But where do we draw the line? There’s always the adorable kid costumes, fun and flirty teen costumes and of course the humorous ones.

And then, there was this: The “Anna Rexia” costume…


After high demand for banning this sickening costume, several stores took the Anna Rexia costume off shelves in 2011, only to be found that online stores are stocking up again this year. This distasteful costume was created by DreamGirl, which the manufacturing company defends themselves by stating, “it’s a company made by women for women.”

In 2011, DreamGirl spoke out about this insensitive costume and said the following:

“We understand that some people will not find the dark humor funny … Halloween is an eccentric and irreverent holiday for people to express themselves in a myriad of ways. While some people may not like a particular costume, it is a matter of taste and personal discretion.”

Oh but wait there’s more. Several websites like HalloweenStore.com, and Ricky’s Halloween are not only selling this “Anna Rexia” costume for $40, but also using  tagline: “You can never be too rich or too thin.”

Whoopsies, I didn’t realize that being a rich, slutty anorexic was a matter of taste. I must’ve missed that memo. Here are a few questions that I have specifically for the companies participating in advertising Anna Rexia:

First off, to the manufacturers of Dream Girl: you say that this company is created for women, by women.. That makes me a little worried of where the female generation stands. Are we that insecure and that hurtful to point out a MENTAL DISORDER and make a costume out of it? Is it really “sexy” when you see an anorexic walking down the street? Is it “sexy” that they are physically fraying away- mentally and physically? Is it “dark humor” that people are dressing up and glamorizing a disease that has the highest mortality rate for Halloween?

No. Not at all.

Congratulations! You’ve gotten the attention you’ve wanted. Now, you must be willing to face the consequences. I would like to let you know I have contacted NEDA (National Eating Disorder Association), ANAD (National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders), as well as EDA (Eating Disorder Anonymous) in hopes of getting this off of your website immediately.

I would like to leave you with a few words… Anorexia is an eating disorder, a mental illness that kills millions of people each year. This costume is as bad as glamorizing a cancer patient, or even a nazi. This is heartbreaking to know that your morals are so low, that you would go to any lengths to make a profit. I am truly saddened that you have found humor in such a life harming disease and am disgusted to know that you are willing to harm the younger generation by making Anorexia a fashion statement.

I hope that my message will make those costume creators think twice about what’s funny and what’s damaging. And since they are women who run this company, I really sincerely wish they would take it more seriously and not try and harm other girls, who could be their daughters, nieces, neighbors, friends etc.

Please, stop promoting the very thing that is killing young women (and men) and instead, kill off this costume instead. Do the right thing!


18 year old Cami Julaine is a singer, actress, model, and healthy life advocate for teen girls. She grew up in Los Angeles and has a remarkable inspirational story. Both her parents were diagnosed with cancer within two weeks of each other, which triggered multiple eating disorders. She left school and spent a year in treatment in Orange County.
Thanks to her recovery, she is able to share what it means to live a healthy life, and identify dangerous behaviors and patterns in other teen girls. Her goal is to use her trials and triumphs as a way to help others. She has a unique spark of energy, and wants every girl to know they are capable of anything, no matter what bumps are along the way in life. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


Cami Julaine


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