A Handbag Line Which Encourages Addiction…For A Cause

Mend bags

Ever been told you have an unhealthy handbag addiction? Well be sure to bookmark this story and share it with ever other addict you know, because you now have a solid reason to keep buying!

Anti-human trafficking organization Invisible Children have launched a range of handbags, which are made by Ugandan women whose lives have been turned upside down by the Lord’s Resistant Army (LRA).

The proceeds of this range benefit 22 seamtresses who make all the bags in the range, which is called ‘Mend’, as that is what these bags essentially do, mend their lives.

“Many [of the women] were forced to become child soldiers or wives to LRA rebel commanders. These women were lucky enough to escape, often with children of their own, but after returning home, were ostracized due to their former affiliation with the rebels,” the Invisible Children website states.

The idea is that this program aims to provide customers with high quality handbags, and as a result will enable women to get better educations, and advanced training in tailoring finance and personal development. The more generous consumers are, the more they can help these innocent women get their lives back together.

The mend creators

Mend Bags

This is a socially responsible product line where handbag lovers can be confident knowing what they are buying impacts and empowers the lives of women in Africa. Do you even need any more reasons as to why this is a great idea? Thank goodness for fashion in cases like these where it becomes a universal language that can be translated in ways that affect lives in ways and means beyond just the physical.

This is certainly an industry that benefits women more than men, as we can see with products like this.

Mend allows the buyer to find out exactly which of the 22 seamstresses made their bags, and read their individual stories. You can also leave messages for them online. The seamstresses are amazing women who have overcome the type of conflict we only hear about on the news or see in movies. For most of them, one of which had her own child at the age of 14, it has meant they have become part of a community of women, and have access to healthcare, food, and a sustainable future for their families.

“We want to share our stories along the journey to prove the fact that: ‘It’s not just a bag'” the mission statement on their blog states.

So now you have a fab new handbag line to fall in love with, and purchase with the knowledge that your addiction can actually make a difference.

Hear more about the Mend movement right here:


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