“The Sky’s The Limit” US Congress Swears In A Record-Breaking 20 Female Senators.

It was a record breaking day for US history, January 3rd 2013. It was the day a record-breaking number of women were sworn into congress. 20 women from across the nation, 16 democrats and 4 republicans put their hands over their heart and swore on the bible to do their country and their fellow women proud.


Journalist Diane Sawyer sat down with all but a few of them to talk about what a milestone this is for America. For the first time ever we have an openly gay senator Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin. These women are mothers, grandmothers, decision makers, leaders and want to change our socio-economic situation for the better.

One of the stand out facts women on both sides agreed on was that abortion and contraception is not an issue for them and they think it should be kept out of parliament. They say it is continually the men who are bringing this issue into every election where these women think instead it should be an individual case-by-case basis.

I guess women just get it. They understand it because they have been through it. Men can keep fighting and arguing about something they will never fully understand. But this is why we need more women in congress, and in parliaments everywhere. If you are passionate about political issues then perhaps you should consider getting in touch with your local politician and political office to start your career.

In the meantime check out what these power women leading our great nation had to say to Diane Sawyer and ABC:

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