Hey Boys, Geek Girls Have Nothing To Prove To You!


It’s ironic that male geeks like to come down on girl geeks and gamer girls, saying they aren’t real geeks or that they don’t know how to really play games etc.

Traditionally geeks were the ones bullied and mocked at school, yet there is a sub-culture of bullying (of sorts) within geekery, and it has to stop!

San Diego just held its 44th Annual Comic Con convention and according to statistics, pretty much half of the attendees nowadays, as opposed to the white male-centric attendees in the past, were women. So boys whenever you start to get annoyed about the heavy presence of females in the geek world, and start to think of ways to prove they aren’t real fans, just be glad you have a ready-made pool of girls that you could possibly meet and date. After all, where else are you going to go?

Two musical sisters from Portland Oregon, Angela and Audrey Webber, also known as the duo The DoubleClicks, have released this hilarious yet important montage music video of why as geek girls, they have “Nothing To Prove” as the song title suggests.

The Double Clicks

They bring their music act to Comic Con every year and have a huge cult following, no doubt because of their message to all geeks: girls are here to stay!

For the video, they asked people to submit their own videos with themselves holding up signs saying why they are a geek and proud of it. They received more submissions than they could handle, but they included as many as they could in the finished product.

Signs such as “Comic Books taught me women can be powerful and beautiful”, “I LOVE video games but boys tell me I’m not a real gamer”, “I was told I traded my cleavage for free comics”, and “I have to use a gender-neutral pen name just to be respected” just to name a few highlights.

Toward the end of the video they show clips of men holding up signs who are in support of girl geeks, such as “No one gets to tell you how to be a geek” and “There are no fake geeks, only real jerks”.

Even more important is when the girls in the vid point out that because they have similar interests they should be more supportive, not elitist. This isn’t high school after all.

“We’ve both been ridiculed for our hobbies…be supportive we’re on the same side!”

“Please don’t let my gender turn you into an elitist. We love the same things for the same reasons.”

Our fave was this one “Don’t tell my daughters that Lego, Robots and Superheroes are only for boys.”

Watch the video below, embrace your inner geek, and remember, you ain’t got nothing to prove to anyone!



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