Hillary Clinton, Angelina Jolie, Aamir Khan & More Of Our Fave WITW Moments


The 6th annual Women In The World Summit, hosted by The Daily Beast founder Tina Brown, just took place in New York City. Every year we have watched their coverage (they do an awesome livestream for those who can’t attend in person!) and have been blown away by the diverse array of speakers and topics covered, that all relate somehow to women and gender equality.

Although our title suggests only Angelina Jolie, Hillary Clinton and Bollywood actor Aamir Khan are our highlights, there are quite a few more speakers and panel sessions which we loved. We could literally spend months dissecting all the important topics discussed but we have found a better way to bring it all in one blog post.

Instead of writing an extensive report on each one, we thought we would share the Youtube videos from the WITW channel and let you see for yourself what the summit is all about.

We at GTHQ get that there is SO much you could be doing with your days and so many options of what to watch on TV, on demand etc. But we highly encourage you to take time out to get familiar with the things women around the world are facing. If you, like many of our team, live in a country where you have freedom, opportunities and luxury in abundance, it’s easy to tune out the rest of the world and possibly even go as far as to join the “I don’t need feminism” groups, for example.

The truth is many of us DO have the luxury of equality, fairness and social respect, but we owe it to our sisters globally to continue raising our voices for them. This is what Angelina spoke about in her speech on the plight of the estimated 4 million Syrian refugees, it is what Aamir Khan touched on in his interview about why he chooses to make a TV show advocating the plight of poor Indian women trapped in traditions that keep them oppressed, and it is why a huge part of Hillary Clinton’s campaign message IS to empower women and girls, not just here in the US, but around the world.

Our highlights of the event are intermixed with celebrities, filmmakers, activists and ordinary women doing extraordinary things.

First up, this is the Hillary Clinton keynote address everyone is talking about, given that it is her first major campaign speech of her 2016 presidential bid. And she did not disappoint, echoing the importance of empowering women and girls like she has ever since her famous speech in Beijing in 1995 where she stated “human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights”:

In her closing address, actress and UN Ambassador Angelina Jolie said “advancing the rights of women and girls worldwide is not just a moral necessity, but a fundamental part of how we overcome insecurity and conflict in the world.”

Listen to how Bollywood heart throb Aamir Khan talks about wanting to use his major celebrity status to talk about cultural taboos that have plagued India for so long, and why it is time these issues weren’t kept silent any longer:

You may have heard hear name, but now you can hear her story. Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe of St. Monica’s Girls Tailoring Centre spoke to Tina brown about how she saved thousands of Ugandan girls who were captured by rebels:

Actress Robin Wright is most notable right now for her role as the first lady Claire Underwood in ‘House of Cards’, but in real life she has been spending time in the Congo advocating for women’s issues. Take a look:

North Korea today remains one of the few mysterious countries that is largely closed off from the world. One woman, Yeonmi Park, escaped the country as a teenager with her mom back when Kim Jon-il was still alive and ruling, and shared her incredibly powerful and brave story at WITW:

This is a panel that a LOT of people are talking about: Jon Stewart interviews ‘Selma’ director Ava DuVernay, actress Meryl Streep who will be seen in the British film ‘Sufragette’, and documentary filmmaker from Pakistan Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy. Each of the women talked about how women are perceived in the film industry and why it needs to change:

The horrific news about ISIS and how they are inflicting terror upon the middle east grows every day. And it is not just young boys they are recruiting, young girls are also being used as weapons of war. Watch this powerfully moving interview with a mother who stopped at nothing to find and reclaim her daughter away from terrorists who seek to bring destruction upon innocent people:

This is an important discussion lead by Barbara Streisand on a major area where gender inequality exists: healthcare. She founded the Women’s Heart Center in 2008 because after learning that more women than men die from heart disease in the US (which kills more women than all cancers combined), yet the research, funding and treatment dollars overwhelmingly go toward helping men, she had to speak up about it:

And finally, to round out our WITW highlights is this confronting and incredibly powerful discussion about college campus rape. If you have seen ‘The Hunting Ground’ documentary, you will recognize one of the rape survivors from the film who joins Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Mika Brezinski to talk about why rape culture has become such a taboo in colleges and elsewhere in society. They joined together to answer the question “are girls safe on college campuses in America today?”

Each one of these panels and discussions are so varied in topics but there is so much we can learn from each of them. We are grateful to organizations like Women in the World who continue to share stories and messages that are timely and important.

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