Hillary Clinton Announces She’s Running…For Gender Equality!

Hilary Clinton, Clinton Global Initiative 2013

While political pundits wait with baited breath to see if and when Hillary Clinton announces her official run for presidency, she’s got plenty of important work to do in the meantime. Namely, championing the cause of women in business, and global gender equality.

Back in 1995, Clinton gave a famous speech at the United Nations summit claiming that “women’s rights are human rights”. We are approaching the 20th anniversary of that statement and there is much work to do.

“Women and girls still comprise the majority of the world’s unhealthy unfed and unpaid. Yes, we have built an international architecture of laws and norms to protect women’s rights, but in many ways it remains a bare scaffold,” she said at the annual Clinton Global Initiative conference which took place this week from September 23-26.

She spoke about the growth of online feminist networks, and while we loathe to use the “F” word because it has so many negative and narrow-minded connotations, we are proud to be part of that group!

“It is an age of participation,” she said, as she publicly announced her dedication to working with the Clinton Foundation and working toward “building a stronger coalition to the full and equal participation of women.”

Kate Hudson for Ann taylor

Among those in the packed audience, was actress Kate Hudson who is also the face of clothing brand Ann Taylor. Sounds kinda insignificant, but there’s a reason behind her attendance. She is a member of the ANNpower Advisory Council, which is the brand’s ANNpower Vital Voices Initiative, which provides high school girls with leadership training, mentoring, and project grants.

Some other notable women who spoke at the CGI week were Nancy Gibbs, recently appointed first female Managing Editor of TIME Magazine, actress Sienna Miller who is also a global ambassador for International Medical Corps, Cherie Blair, wife of former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and found of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, Barbara Bush founder of Global Health Corps and daughter of George W. Bush, Queen of Jordan Rania Al Abdullah, Melinda Gates, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, President Obama and Bono.

She may not be officially running yet, but Ms Clinton already has our vote if this is a sample of the policies she will be working on. Hillary 2016!


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