How Accessories Designer Elizabeth Laine Combined Her Love Of Style With Her Passion For Giving Back

The love of accessories is a common trend found among women. What would we do without carrying our favorite bag of choice for the day or the week? In so many ways, what we wear says a lot about our personality. It is a way to visually say, “I’m dressing up for a night on the town” or “Today is just a casual day.”

The history of pouches, (what we now refer to as handbags) can be traced back to ancient times. The accessory was originally small and both men and women would carry the pouch for the purpose of holding their valued possessions, mainly coins. Through the years the size of the pouch grew from something women once attached to the inside of their clothing to an item that can be worn on the shoulder.

Bags in general play such an important part of our life. We carry everything from our groceries to electronics and even our wallets in bags. The convenience of not having to fill up our pockets (if your outfit includes them) is priceless. For those moments at work when we need to touch up our makeup or a safe place to stash our credit cards we have to be proud of the progress made with the functionality of handbags.

With the intention to create a line that caters to the different aspects of a woman’s life, there is a fashion company making bold fashion statements as well as striving to be socially conscience with their line of handbags. The Elizabeth Laine brand is pushing the Fashion envelope with its eye-catching classic pieces that have graced the runways of New York Fashion Week as well as building momentum among celebrities and influencers alike.

Designer Elizabeth Laine graduated college with a major in Fashion Design. She knew she wanted to make her mark on the fashion industry but took the time to explore her passion by interning and working for other fashion companies. It was important for her to understand the business side just as much as she understood designing.

“Creating a handbag line was an easy choice for me, I was drawn to handbags the same way girls were in love with their favorite boy band. I had a point of view that I wanted to express and dreamed of creating the perfect handbag for people who saw fashion exactly how I did,” Elizabeth expressed.

The Designer set out to make her company reflect her lifestyle by creating a One for One program called The Laine Effect. For every handbag purchased on her website a care package is donated to help a homeless person in need.

“I wanted every aspect of the company to speak true to who I am and what I want my legacy to be,” Elizabeth noted on her The Laine Effect Page.

Feeding the homeless is an annual tradition Elizabeth would do as a way to celebrate her birthday. After feeling that there was more that she was able to do on a regular basis, Elizabeth implemented The Laine Effect into the company’s structure.

“The Laine effect is formed from my loving passion to help others. It was important for me to shine a light on those who do not have the means or a voice to speak for their selves. Fashion and giving back are the two most fulfilling parts of my life,” she said.

During the month of January 2017 Elizabeth partnered with the nonprofit The Midnight Mission for her first campaign to bring further awareness of giving back. For every handbag sold, care packages were donated to the nonprofit’s new Women’s Crisis Center that opened February 1, 2017.

The designer also wanted a brand that speaks to the devotion of customers who prefer exclusive fashion. With an understanding that we are all unique individuals, the company makes limited production to give a more “boutique feel” to the brand. Other services include bespoke handbags where Elizabeth works directly with her clients to create custom handbags that are original designs.

“Our customer wants to stand out in a crowd & her handbag is just as important as the clothing she wears.”

From drawing the initial sketch to development of the final product, Elizabeth is involved in every step to create her products. Using beautiful hues and quality materials soft to the touch are elements that are appealing to her customer.

“When I design, I think what can I create that is both stylish and comfortable. How can I provide functionality while remaining unique? What do I feel that is missing in the industry,” said Elizabeth.

“The Elizabeth Laine Brand stands for women’s empowerment, classic design, great craftsmanship and to be a servant of good within the world,” the designer stated as core values to her brand.

To find out more about the brand you can visit Elizabeth Laine Handbags or follow them via Instagram

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  1. Talk about fashion with advocacy! It’s really good to hear that there are emerging fashion enthusiasts that wants to build their brand with a good cause. I think people nowadays are being introduced to getting into the style that helps those that are less privileged.
    Oh, can I ask if the Laine effect brands are available in California? I am planning to get one. The blue with raffles in the picture looks really sassy and trendy. Perfect for my bag collection!

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