How Body-Positive Clothing Brands Benefit All Women

As each new year begins, many companies clear out their old inventory and flood their shelves with new wardrobe items. While most brands prepare their seasons based on trends, buyer demand and competition, more and more consumers are looking for clothing that supports body positivity, and brands that take a stand for important issues relating to body image. As you add items to your wardrobe this year, focus on supporting brands that value a positive relationship with body image. This means brands that are purposefully choosing diverse creative teams and consulting with an inclusive range of influencers, models, artists and buyers. Brands and labels cannot get away with excluding certain body types these days, and for good reason. Appealing to a mass market means higher consumer loyalty, and better sales. It is a win-win strategy for a brand to focus on body positivity and diversity.

Why Should I Support Body-Positive Clothing Brands?

Whether you are struggling to find the right new swimsuit or that perfect pair of jeans, there are more and more brands to turn to to find what you’re looking for. Instead of a clothing label dictating what certain body types should wear, we are seeing a movement of influencers, especially plus size and diverse influencers, showing consumers what it looks like to buck the trends and make new fashion rules. Because of this, brands are taking note and those that want to stay relevant and understand the culture are shifting the way they create and market clothing.

Being body positive means catering to all shapes and sizes, without discrimination.  

Finding the Right Brands to Support

Many brands are now altering their messaging to improve their inclusivity. Over the past few years body positivity has slowly become the norm in some areas of the market. Some of the best brands that support women include the following:

  • Dainty Jewells is an amazing company that is redefining the classiness of women’s swimwear. This company has a line of unique and stunning swimwear pieces that you will be excited to flaunt this season.
  • Aerie is a popular brand that advertises women with varying body shapes and sizes. In addition to clothing that accommodates many different people, this company is committed to advertising natural beauty rather than altered images.
  • ASOS offers an extensive line of clothing that helps people of all body types to remain stylish throughout the year. Not only is the brand committed to diversity, it is affordable. 

Many popular brands are beginning to rethink their marketing strategy. With a new approach to reach their audience, women of all different sizes are beginning to feel included in the fashion industry. 

The Bottom Line

Having a positive self-image places a huge role in overall mental health. When brands only advertise thin models with beautiful skin, it is easy for women to feel discouraged. When this happens, individuals begin to compare themselves to other people. Brands have the ability to support joy and encourage creativity when they use their platform for good.

When you support body-positive brands, you have the ability to fight the mental health crisis that is happening in our culture due to body image. Whether you aim for an effortlessly chic or bold style, you can find pieces that are perfect for you.