How Beauty Trends Such As Nail Art Become A Creative Way To Resist And Persist

Social reform and progress have never come without the insistence of unceasing voices, reporting on injustice and demanding changes. Indeed, probably the most frequently used adjective for describing effective crusaders is “tireless,” with “persistent” a close second. There’s a reason those words matter, and that reason is that it takes relentless energy and nonstop communication to make progress.

Recently in the US Senate, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tried to silence Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren as she started to read the words of Coretta Scott King. But what he didn’t realize was that his words would become a rallying cry for especially the women of the #resistance.

“She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted,” he said of his decision to stop Senator Warren from continuing.

Addressing issues like women’s rights, women’s health, and so forth is all about creating dialogue by keeping the issue in front of people at all times, and that’s easier than ever today. With social media and traditional websites, it’s inexpensive and very effective to gather all your discussion points and action requests into a single place that can also help participants band together and communicate.

These tools can not only help us discuss issues but also provide logistical support to plan events and relay news. Under our current political and social environment, there has never been a better time to utilize what is available to us.

But at the same time, any form of communication can only be effective if it finds its audience where they are. Before we can inform anyone about an issue–or do anything else to effect change–we need to reach people who don’t even know there’s an issue.

People like that, the ones who don’t know what they don’t know, aren’t visiting important web sites. They aren’t following women’s issues on social media. They just don’t know what’s going on. So it’s incumbent on people who care about these matters that they find ways to connect with the uninformed, to get their attention and to help them see what needs to be done and why.


That’s where your appearance can come into play. No, it’s not a matter of batting your eyelashes and getting the attention of politicians through the fine art of flirting. It’s about using whatever options are available to get a foot in the door and start a conversation.

So there is nothing trivial about using nail art to address women’s issues. Yep, nail art! Creativity is key in a landscape where there is so much noise and information to compete with. Nail art can serve the same purpose as a T-shirt or a bumper sticker, but it is better as it goes more places with you than either of those items. You can’t wear a T-shirt everywhere you go, and you won’t always be seen in your car.

Your nails can spark conversation. Friends, associates, strangers, even political foes will see the distinctive colors and designs, giving you an opportunity to start a conversation. Your nails can be one way to create opportunities to speak about issues anywhere that you go, and they can be a great conversation starter to motivate, educate, inform, and support.


If you still aren’t convinced, think back to the last time that a total stranger commented on a unique nail design you were sporting. Now just imagine if the design had some meaning behind it that enabled you to advocate for a cause. Dashing Diva has a great collection of designs from the peace sign, to letters and words that you can use to spell out your message on your fingertips.

It is quite common to see colorful and powerful nail art on display at various Pride parades across the country. Whether it is the rainbow flag or the “NOH8” slogan, this has become a creative way to show support for a movement or cause.

History is full of examples of causes that were furthered by promoting them through a single item. Whether it’s the 10-cent piece for the March of Dimes or the distinctive Komen pink, there is plenty of reason to believe that a simple campaign can do a lot to bring people in for information and help. While your nail designs alone won’t spin any women’s issue on its high heels (or its practical pumps), they can be ten little pieces that help to complete a very big puzzle.




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